Problems getting to POST on American Megatrends MOBO

By SNGX1275
Feb 26, 2002
  1. A friend of mine came to me with this problem. He has an American Megatrends motherboard and can't get it to boot past the Checking NV RAM.. part

    here is what is on the screen when it freezes
    American Megatrends
    TYAN TSUNAMI AT V2.00.01 012520001800
    Intel 440BX AGPset

    P II, 400Mhz
    Checking NVRam..

    then down at the bottom of the screen it says

    What we have done:
    Switched PCI video card to another PCI slot
    Disconnected everything but the floppy/cd/harddrive
    Reseated the RAM, switched RAM slots, and tried different RAM modules with ones that are known to work.

    He says 1 time it made it past checking NVRam (where it counts the RAM) and then froze when it first said hit del to enter BIOS.

    Edit: He also remembered that when he first booted he had 3 RAM modules in and all it would say is American Megatrends with the logo and that was it, so he removed 2 and left 1 and thats where we are now.

    2nd Edit: When I asked him what happens when he tries it with no RAM he says "nothing, it beeps".

    Anyone have any ideas on what to try next? Could it just be that the motherboard is bad where the RAM fits?
  2. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Topic Starter Posts: 10,742   +421

    Alright - I just recieved word that it now works. Which leads me to believe that even though it appeared we had the RAM set properly it wasn't.
    Now it boots into Win98 and just gives the usual errors when you don't have proper drivers installed and such, I'm going to let him work on that on his own because I think he has a pretty good handle on getting that set straight.
    (he pulled this PC together from scrap parts so even getting this thing to run is a plus for him)
    I'll post back with any other motherboard related problems that might crop up.
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