Problems with Keyboard on Windows XP Pro x32

By Mr.Lp
Jun 5, 2007
  1. Ok, about a month ago when i started up my keyboard the BIOS would "see" my keyboard and proceed to windows. When i arrived at the USER login page, my keyboard would simply not work. i used to be able to "fix" the problem by connecting the keyboard to different USB ports (after numerous tries). Unfortunately i had other problems with my computer so i had to reformat. I also purchased a new keyboard/mouse wireless set. i have not had this problem again until today. The my computer started up fine but the keyboard would not work at the login, but my mouse did ( the mouse and keyboard both connect to one receiver ) so i got my old "just in case" spare and plugged it in and it works fine. I tried to trouble shoot the keyboard myself but the program that came with the keyboard says its connected and fine, i was even able to set the keyboard to secure mode, which requires hitting a series of keys on it. I have tried numerous fixes and other websites but none have been able to offer me any help what-so-ever.

    my keyboard is a
    Logitech MX 3200 cordless keyboard

    and my backup is a
    MD # SK-2560

    My computer spec's can be found here if it makes a difference.

    If anybody can help in anyway please do!

    after reading some other topics i have almost the same problem as
    only switching the keyboard (regardless of what keyboard is connected) works.
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