Problems with Speedtouch 330 modem

By Tom2001
Feb 4, 2005
  1. I signed up to Wanadoo Broadband but am having problems getting my Speedtouch 330 modem to work. I have installed the driver and Dr Speedtouch, plugged the Speedtouch 330 to my USB drive but I am unable to get any further.

    When I hover my mouse over the Speedtouch diagnostics icon in the tool bar I am told the modem is not plugged in, which it quite clearly is. When I hover the mouse over the status icon (which has a red circle with an exclamation mark in it) I am told it is disconnected (i.e. the device is plugged in but not connected to the phone line, which is true). I then click on the status icon to bring up the status window, and click on the diagnostics button at the bottom of that window. I then start the test and am told there is a problem with my computer. I click troubleshoot and am told there is no device driver installed. Again this is not the case, and I have removed and reinstalled the driver numerous times.

    The USB light on the modem is flashing red. The ADSL light is not on.

    One thing I have noticed is that I do not get a "found new hardware" window pop up after I install the driver and plug the modem in, yet according to some of the literature about the Speedtouch 330 I have found on the internet this is supposed to happen. Is it possible there is something wrong with my Windows installation? The USB ports are working fine as I have tested other devices on them.

    Wanadoo have suggested I download an updated driver from the Speedtouch website, which I have done and it hasn’t made any difference. They then suggested that maybe my chipset may need updating, although as I bought my computer brand-new in July (I think) I can’t see it being a chipset problem.

    These are the technical specifications of my computer:

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 Processor with HyperTransport
    Motherboard: ASUS A8V Deluxe - VIA K8T800 Pro Motherboard

    The modem was free so if a simpler solution would be to buy a new modem, by all means suggest it, as long as you can recommend one!
  2. bender1

    bender1 TS Rookie

    I have a Speedtouch 330 and have successfully connected it to 3 PC's running XP and 1 running Win98. I would suggest removing the Speedtouch software (via Add/Remove Programs) and to try re-installing the software from the CD. Make sure the modem isn't plugged into the USB port. If after re-connecting the modem you get the same reults I would strongly suspect a faulty modem and I would ask Wanadoo for a replacement. Why should you buy a new one? Alternatively, do you know anyone else on ADSL broadband who could lend you their modem to test?
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