Problems with Wan Minport with yellow mark

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Nov 21, 2009
  1. This is for my deaf friend whose computer with that kind of problems with Wan Minport and that has been over 1 or 2 yrs and I can't do anything to help her nor she can afford that either! I did not even know what to do but I did check at Dell that is where her computer is from and did find the drivers for it but there are a lot of list that I do not understand and it is under "Network..." I do not trust myself to get them download in my friend's computer cuz I do not understand those words means or which is which for that matter!

    Here is an attachment that I want to show u something but please ignore another one too only cable provider cuz it says Modem in which she is using cable modem but seem to have some problems that I did not know so told her to have talk to them abt it but that guy woudn't help her with other problems for Wan Minport! So I am here to ask u for help for her. She is not know to say or explain so I am doing this for her.

    Now pls click that attement and look at ONLY Wan Minport, pls just ignore other ok? Thanks!

    Her computer is Dimenison 2350

    I hope one of u guys can find the driver so I can get it download to my CD for her or something like that but just pls explain what I have to do.

    Thanks so muich, guys and gals!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving in case if I don't hear from u! :0)

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  2. ucould2

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    Did the Wan Miniport become exposed after you "scan for hardware changes" (forth(4th) button from the right) ? To fix a slow download speed? I did this to my Mother's laptop turned out that she had only run out of download. And then the "Internet Provider" chokes-off (SLOWS) the download rate due to greater Price. She too has a Motorala SURFboard SB1501 USB cable modem. I remember it was very frustrating because the speed she had backed off to made it almost impossible to use the Internet. Pages took the amount of time "it took to boil a large Kettle, make a BIG pot of coffee then wait for it to cool down so to drink!!"
    Hope this Helps you will probably need to get in touch with the "Internet Provider" and ask them to "fault the Surfboard SB1501 USB cable modem" then if they say to you "No fault" explain to them as you have here where the problem is.
    You might need to know more about the system that this is for
  3. ucould2

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  4. AngelWolf

    AngelWolf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    As for Wan Minport, no I did not had it to scan the hardware yet which I forgot abt that! Will do that when I go for visit her sometimes.

    As for Modem like I said to ignore that one! lol but will check that out later but it will have to be the the provider to find out if any plms with modem itself or just her computer whichever is! But for now I am asking abt the plms she have with Wan Minport that has been on for a year or so! Soo like u said to scan the hardware I will do that later too but I kept thinking and I though I did scan it once but that was long time ago! So can't remember so I guess i will have to redo again! Thanks for remind me that.

    I am not sure I understand what u mean but I did click it and it popups asking for download? I did not want that just yet cuz I do not want it download to my computer just yet so wait till I get to my friend's house using her computer so then will do that but what it is that u said "sheet below!!" means? Pls help me understand. Thanks! :)
  5. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    This is only a Data sheet Pdf. it is not a program if you are going to be talking to someone in the service provider side, you need to be able to discuss the whole picture not just a thumbnail or part there of. I'm assuming that you usually speak in another language (but I checked your details and there is nothing to indicate this) that's fine if English is your 2nd or maybe 3rd dialect. Translate the "words in inverted comers" into a language that you feel comfortable with and their (the service provider) answers will be better that the one I could write here ! Google does (translates) it I'm sure there are others too. (If I new which language your were most comfortable with I could have checked to see if the Data sheet Pdf. was available from Motorola in that dialect):grinthumb
  6. LookinAround

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    I don't think you need to care about IPX (just as you don't need to care about the USB modem driver)

    1) I believe IPX is only needed if you're running over a Novell network (which i very much doubt your friend is)
    2) If their network seems to be working OK now that is evidence that IPX is needn;t
    3) All that said, if they're running XP you might also look here

    /* EDIT */
    OOopps. And to clarify: I mention IPX because if you look at your device manager problem the specific WAN Miniport is for: WAN Miniport (IPX)
  7. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    Just a quick note to add that although I did mention that my mother's computer was a Laptop,
    I didn't assume that the connection was through a modem then through another link (bluetooth) to the Ethernet connection in the Computer (actually her Modem was directly cable connected to the Surfboard modem). Also I believed that the modem it's self maybe operating as it was Sold in a Plan specific application (where small or minimal download is a necessity due to COST). When I asked about the things I in "quotations" I got a couple of very -cagey- answers that were not very helpful. But after I explained to them where / why / what the problem origins were, they (technicians at the service provider) realised I was not an "Industrial Spy" and the Questions were much more readily explained!
  8. AngeloWolf

    AngeloWolf TS Rookie

    It is me AngelWolf!! I am back sorry

    Wow I am sorry for such so long in not respond back to u! But I was very busy with my work and plus shopping for christmas! Ha... Anyway, yes it is me AngelWolf due to the problems with password and also did try for reset but not understand cuz no email from them for reset my password! I gave up and use different one email address as I am trying to get in here to answer back!

    Thanks for the information abt this problems for my friend. I will try that for my friend and thank you so much!!

    I am hoping to come back as AngelWolf instead of this AngeloWolf! I want that my old account back! Ha!

    Anyway I did posted at Registration trouble section just while ago! So hope they can help me out with the plms!


    AngelWolf (AngeloWolf)
  9. ucould2

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    Merry Christmas and hope you had a great new year
    Sorry unable to help with ID problem unless you changed computers then your computer IP address would have changed too. To change back you need to revert to the other computer.
  10. AngeloWolf

    AngeloWolf TS Rookie

    No change my computer at all!

    No I do not change my computer at all and that cuz I am on Cable so that maybe why my IP address kept changing? Which I do nothing know abt this thing! So I can't do anything to revert it or whatever that is! This is Dell Computer that is what I am using all the time with Cable. Do u understand? But never mind, I do not wish to go thru that problems again! I am getting tired of this whenever if I lose my password, then I shall gave up this cuz there is no point in trying to tell u what I try to get my password thru email when they said they would but never did! I just gave up! sighs.

    Thanks for greeting, u too as well...

    Good day.
  11. AngeloWolf

    AngeloWolf TS Rookie

    Found out something!

    Ok, I just found out why I couldn't get to my real one due to change my cable cuz of power went out last time and I did not even relazied this happened if change different IP address that caused me unable to enter my password include my user names! So that why! That is if that is so then I will have to withdrawal from this place since no one has help me at all as I have said I GAVE UP!! This is crazy! I may never trust this ever again! I am sorry! Good buy and also please remove my real AngelWolf's account since I cannot enter that one and it will be remind no respoind from me at all!! U will find out why! Since u guys do not belive me! So I am going to closed this thing now if I can find out how or u guys do it for me I do not care! Goodbye!
  12. AngeloWolf

    AngeloWolf TS Rookie

    Yikes, I cannot find the one I want to closed this account for good as I am not happy with this anymore! PLEASE CLOSED MY ACCOUNT! Thank you!
  13. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    Sorry to hear of your troubles

    Sorry to hear about your troubles (I don't work for techspot for the record! only I offer advice as to help if you don't understand why :mad: then be off with you) I hope you posted a new thread about the sign-on feature you were finding a problem with. That is the only way the "techsperts" see you need assistance.

    Have a joyous life then :wave:
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