Problems with Xp and my ADSL Internet Connection

By Pegasus04 · 4 replies
Jan 4, 2005
  1. Hello, everyone, yeah, it's me in trouble again. puke:

    I wanted to eliminate windows 98 from my system and install the XP one, and I didn't have any important information on it (except for my live Stairway to Heaven Video, I swear I cried), so I deleted the partition, created a new NTFS one and installed the XP.

    Everything went smooth, didn't even needed to install the motherboard drivers, XP did it all by itself, except for the modem, which I don't need and I disabled from the CMOS. I installed the webcam and Nero for the Cd Writer, also, and both of them worked fine.

    The problem rised when i connected the ADSL modem and manually installed the cd drivers as told on the provider manual. At first, everything went by-the-book and the modem was installed correctly, and after logging the user-password data it connected fine too. Then I tried to load some pages like Yahoo, Hotmail, BitLord etc. using the IE, and this is what happened:

    1. The first page you choose (any page) loads. If instead of that you download files (i.e. updating the antivirus) the first and with luck second files download, then it goes ¨server connection failed¨

    2. If you click on any link or try a second page it fails to find it and gets stuck on ¨searching for (any IP)¨, or ¨connecting to¨

    Well, I'm quite sure it can't be a virus, spyware, etc., I even tried formatting the HD and installing nothing except XP and the ADSL modem and it does the same thing. Also ,as you can imagine I'm not very good with Internet Options, Connection Properties, etc., I don't understand them so I don't touch them.

    One last thing: the modem worked just fine in Windows 98, following the 98 instructions, and yes, this time I followed the XP instructions.

    Can anyone help me? I'm stuck and I don't want to go back to 98!! :dead:

    Thanks for reading, everybody, hope you can help!!

    Matias (Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina!)
  2. Pegasus04

    Pegasus04 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    Found the source

    ...yep, it was a virus, but the *|$&!!! ## thing is either in the modem drivers disc or in the XP installation disc (yes, it's a copy), and I don't think it's the modem disc, so I throwed the XP one away, will get a new different one today.

    ...Thanks for reading! :)
  3. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Don't bother us when you try pirated software. NOBODY will help you with that.
    You'd be well advised to go somewhere else.
  4. Pegasus04

    Pegasus04 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    Ok, I won't ask again about it, but don't give any moral lessons to me, please, guess you don't live in a Third World devaluated-coin country, in which a legal copy of Windows XP is worth more than half your salary (and a good salary). As a matter of fact, I don't even recall ever seeing one.

    I'm an almost-graduated medic student who spends every morning in a public hospital trying to bring some health (in many cases, only a peaceful death due to the hospital's lack of medicines) to poor people who can't afford the most basic things, making no profit out of it. I spend afternoons working my soul out in a minor commerce to get enough money to buy my also-imported-very-expensive-medicine-books, being able to do so thanks to my father, who still lets me live in his house.

    So please, save the moral lessons, in the couple of hours a day that I find a relative peaceful state of mind I want to chat with a couple of friends, or download some old and rare music video that I like to collect, or something like that, and I can't because some friggin' virus attacks my pc as soon as I connect to the Internet even after formatting-reinstalling-installing only the modem drivers-connecting. And I can't figure it out, my pc has been dead for the past three days, and i'm really angry about it, and I need help, and you're not helping.

    So, If you can redirect me to the inmoral-people-who-got-XP-in-the-only-way-they-could forum, I'd be happy to ask there.

    So long.

    Matias Elian Serangelo DNI 29.150.544 Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  5. Pegasus04

    Pegasus04 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    Solved the problem

    Finally found the answer. The problem was that the XP version I had was quite old (2002), lacked several security updates and was an easy prey for that Korgo friggin' virus that infected it as soon as I hooked it up to the web. It disabled navigation so quickly that it was impossible to update it via Windows Update.

    Using Mcafee's VirusScan 6.0 resident (actualized) and three actualized anti-spyware shareware software pieces (Ad-Aware, SpywareBlaster and SpybotS&D) at the same time would prevent registry changes and infection, but wouldn't allow me to surf the Internet. The pc just went crazy showing alert signs from these residents I mentioned, as soon as I connected it.

    Installing a Firewall would have been the next logical step, but I never used one and I didn't know which one to install. Anyway, I was sure that a security patch would solve the problem, so I used my job's pc, surfed Microsoft's Download Center and manually downloaded every security update I found, at least 50 of them. Burned them into a cd and installed them at home, one after the other. Rebooted the pc, connected it to the web and voila! it works.

    As I said before, I'm a Medicine student, who learned his way around a pc since my first XT by the famous trying&breaking&formatting&tryingagain method, so I feel reeeally well about having been able to solve this problem.

    Thanks everyone for reading!

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