Processor and speed issues

By Dylan Landry
Jun 6, 2012
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  1. About 5 months ago I could download a game at speeds around .8 or .9 megabyts p/second. Now, for whatever reason, my computer is never jumping above .38 m/p/s...
    Also, for whatever reason, I see that some of my processors out of four will jump up and down in usage for no reason. I would have my 2nd and 3rd proc's just jump up and down to 80 percent workload and then drop for two seconds, just to repeat the cycle perfectly.. Im not sure if that has something to do with it, but it's certainly an issue id like help on. I really do appreciate and knowledge on this problem that you would be able to share with me.
    Also the speed of my download will drop to about .013 m/p/s for maybe a minute, the go back to the classic .39 :/
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    Do a speed test to see if your connection speed is still the same. That would be the obvious culprit here. You might also want to call up your ISP to report the problem.

    Also, bring up the Task Manager and look through the list of programs/processes currently running. You need to look out for ones that might be using your Internet connection to download stuff or transmit data.

    As for the CPU spikes, bring up the Task Manager again and look at the processes tab when you experience these spikes. It should give you an indication of the CPU utilization and the processes responsible for it.
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    if your pc has more then 1 core see the one which is spiking and end it

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