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Jan 26, 2013
  1. Is there a way or program that searches a given drive or given directory and it's subdirectories for duplicate files?
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    As far as I know, I often find this kind as a feature/function on cleaning software/free up disk space software or software utilities. The cleaning/free space tools often has this kind of function to find duplicated files so the user can delete it to clear space.

    this is one example, but paid version

    I'm sorry I can't find the free version, hope you can find one, or maybe another member can direct you to it. Just try google it, there's plenty out there

    oh, before googling for it, try looking on TS download section, maybe you can find one :)
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    I use Easy Duplicate File Finder, but I have to admit it seems a little bit confusing to me. I haven't tried the others mentioned, maybe I'd get confused by them all.
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    Use a great deal of caution before deleting any files that appear to be duplicates. Many programs have the same file in their folders as they load their own copy. What appears to be a true duplicate in most cases is not. In my opinion, there is little use for a program that finds "duplicate" files. Many inexperienced users delete necessary files and get in to a great deal of trouble. Unless you are intimately familiar with the dups, do not delete them.
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    Re: Duplicate Cleaner Free:

    Anyone else tried to install from the Techspot download .exe file ?
    Part way through the install it indicates it will install DRIVER SCANNER and there's no way to proceed without this :(

    . . . and no information is provided on the install screen.

    The last thing I want is some unknown driver scanner on my system.

    Only 1/10 for the dodgy install, folks.
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