Proper Windows 7 network

By Colkinky
Jun 21, 2010
  1. Ok so I have a fairly simple question (I hope).

    How do I setup my Windows 7 network....and this is the key word >>>Efficiantly<<<

    Problems I have had before:
    Xp Machines unable to connect to Windows 7 machines
    Machines with no password asking for passwords
    Machines not showing up on "My network Places"

    Things You should Know:
    Running a router I got from my ISP
    Using a network(router's default topology)
    Mostly Using ESET 4 Smart Security and Avast Antivirus
    Gaming(meaning I have friends coming over to lan)

    Things I would like to Know
    How to set up network security(Using Windows 7 and ESET settings)
    Setting up and managing Network access Usernames and Passwords
    Any other useful stuffs you think I would want to know

    Keep in mind I am studying in this general direction, so you can throw them acronyms at me :) or get technical, the more advanced the better

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