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Jan 23, 2006
  1. I just want to know does anyone know of any efficent firewalls or other things that blocks virus' while online. I looking for the free stuff :grinthumb !
    so thanks.
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    Free stuff

    The much overlooked XP firewall, free with SP2 is a simple to use and effective firewall, takes a little research to get the best out of it but it works well to prevent incomming nasties, however if your computer already has fleas it,s worse than useless, Go for the ZONE ALARM free version, works well if a little noisy to start with, settles down once it learns your habits.

    Back this with the Free version of AVG and at least two Anti Spy/Addware utilities, Ones that come over as worth the effort to download are Ad-aware SE Personal from Lavasoft and Spybot Search and Destroy from Safer Networking, both update readily and will root out almost all of the everyday Fleas that can be caught on the Internet.

    But the finest product available for internet protection, and it's Free, is good old common sense and practice, Learned after a while, but untill then the above will keep your computer up and running.
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    protection on the web?

    Wear a condom while surfing! (sorry - couldn't help myself)

    AVG free is a good anti-virus.
    Use a router with broadband
    use multiple anti-trojan horse programs like M$ anti-spyware, Ewido, spybot, and ad-aware
  5. Spike

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    Please tell me you're joking? It's next to usless!! It only blocks traffic in one direction and so only does half a job. It's overcomplicated for your average user to set up manually, andis in no way intuitive.

    I personally try to stay away from zone alarm. I'm still using my SPF for now, but I'm moving towards Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall, and have used it on a number of "clients" computers since spf was stopped by symantec, and have had no problems with it at all.
  6. jobeard

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    you can use PASSIVE and yet PROACTIVE solutions, like a router with NAT. this will stop a great many bugs.
    A firewall adds another layer of protection, but ususally does not contain AV.
    AV will scan your email and other docs when they are opened, but it is still possible to get invected a bad virus.

    If you do it all
    [ router ... firewall .. av]
    then the effectiveness gets better with each layer
    [ 90% ..... 98% ..... 99%] in relative terms.
    a cheap router ~$49usd, the MS firewall is free and you pick an AV solution.
  7. vhunter

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    Or a Cisco PIX...

    A NAT router should stop some of it, but you should get a two-way firewall and antivirus as well. I know that Avast! Antivirus has an active scanner that scans your incoming web traffic; it works pretty well.

    Yeah, the XP firewall does suck, but apparently Vista includes a two-way one. I'm not so sure about that...
  8. top_model_guy

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    Thanks for all the help, I went with the zonealarm! It seems to be working already told me about numerous things: real player sending info, internet connetion, etc. seems effecient. But now my kazaa lite resurrection can't find it's registry keys! LOL! That's probably due to all the scans I've done on my computer probably deleted pop ups so broke license or something.
    I know this isn't completely related, but does anyone know of any good free music, video download programs???
    Thanks :grinthumb
  9. Spike

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    Yes, but I'm afraid we won't tell you here. Techspot does not condone piracy, so I'm afraid I am only prepared to recommend iTunes and the like :p
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