PS2 wont read ps2 discs it only reads playstation and music discs

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Nov 3, 2005
  1. I had my PS2 for about 9 months and one day it justed decided not to read PS2 games, but for some reason it will read regualr playstation games, and when i turn it one it makes a weird noise like the fan is hitting something. I took it apart and everything seemed to be in place. Does anyone know the problem?
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    Golferman. There are issues with the laser lens. My kids was out of warranty and I had broken the case seal to get inside and check the CMOS battery. It was fine so I called Sony and asked where the nearest factory authorized service center was. I was going to pay for the repair as the machine was almost 2 years old. They asked me about the problem, gave me an RMA number. I FedEx'd the console back to them. That was on a Thursday. The following Tuesday I got it back with a whole new laser lens and tracking unit and a complete servicing. No charge! Give it a try.

    If you are in the U.S. call Sony Playstation Support at 1 800 345-7669
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    yeah ,what he said , it doesnt matter if it is 4 years old or even if the tamper seal is broken , sony will still fix it as long as it has not been modified ,by the way sony just settled a class action on ps2s
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    Buy a new one switch serial numbers it is a silver thing on the back and just return it. Wal-Mart and Target don't have time to open it up and verify the numbers inside. Just pay cash.
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    Sony had a ps2 class action? Darn, I missed that one. I'm still waiting for my $21 check from MS for the class action here in California. It's been about 15 months since I filed a claim. The suit has been going on since '03. I'm not holding my breath! <g>
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    if it's the original style ps2, the big bulky one, there is a way to possibly fix the issue. when you open the case there should be another case for the disc and laser housing. when you open that you should see a white round dial. mark the position that it is at with a marker. then turn the dial, this raises and lowers the laser housing. my ps2 would not read black or blue backed discs all of a sudden, with a few turns and tests to see, it worked fine.
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