Ps3 Screen Problem

By Carbonated
Sep 2, 2007
  1. Hey people sorry im so retarded but here goes...Im moving into a new house and I decided to move my PS3 today. I havent moved my HDtv so its hooked up to this really small tv (20" or something) with the stock non hd cables. I hooked everything up and it turns on but nothing displays on the tv. Im pretty sure its because I have it set to output through HDMi, but im connected through a non HDMI port.Basically what I need is instructions on how to change the PS3's output settings without being able to see/hear anything. so.. anyone with a ps3 just get on and give me instrucions (like hold down left then press right then go down 5 spaces then press x etc somehyting like that)
  2. hold your finger on the power button for about 10 seconds i think it is, it will beep twice and then that resets the display settings
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