PS4 controller flashing orange then turn off after a couple of minutes

My problem is that I have a PS4 controller that I want to play with on my PC using DS4windows. I have done this before and everything went smoothly but recently whenever I plug my controller in via USB and open DS4windows, the controller shows up in the controller section and I can use the touchpad however the controller keeps flashing orange. If I want to change the color it won't do anything, it just keeps blinking orange.

This is so frustrating to me because I am trying to get better at Fifa but I cannot take full advantage because when the controller stops blinking orange, the D pad for some reason doesn't work and I need the D pad to change tactics in game which puts me in a disadvantage.

I don't know what happened but I have tried everything from reinstalling DS4windows, downloading different versions, uninstalling the driver from device manager and reinstalling it again, deleting the controller from control panel/Hardware and sound/ devices and printers as well changing the micro-USB cable but nothing worked. I have also tried the controller with my friend's PS4 and it worked flawlessly both with cable and wireless. I have tried the controller with my laptop using DS4windows and it keeps blinking orange as well.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this please let me know.