PSU-Dell Compatibility Confirmation

By Nerukan ยท 15 replies
Aug 2, 2006
  1. GeForce 7800 Compatibility with Dell Dimension 8300? (Updated)

    Okay I hope I don't go asking a question that has been asked too much already, I already see there is a lot of PSU questions and rather valid answers. In fact I was just looking at this:

    In the course of that thread, it was eventually suggested to go for this PSU:

    This is exactly where I am at. I just got a GeForce 7800, however it demands a 400 watt power supply.

    I have a Dell Dimension 8300 and atm it has a significantly lower power supply.

    According to the above PSU, it will work on a 8300, however I've been left very cautious after research and thinking of the possibility of being wrong and frying the entire system.

    Also my father who has been helping on this research is concerned of one thing: the M/B connector

    The one that is currently in the 8300 looks like a standard ATX connector, save that it has pin #18 missing. There is another connector that has 4 pins (in rows of 2).

    He wants to know if the PSU that I gave in the link will actually have this same setup with the connector, or, if its different, will it still be completely compatable with the 8300's motherboard? The site says so, but we don't want to risk mistakes.

    If you can include a diagram on the pin-out of the PSU please do so. And if you can agree that this PSU would be great for a Dell 8300, and also work well with supplying the power to run a GeForce 7800, say so as well
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Yes the PC Power&Cooling will work with the Dell 8300 and it is one of the best PSU's out there too.
  3. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,388

    Compare your wire colors to the picture. The dell list is somewhat outdated on the site I linked to. I think you have a standard atx, but I believe dell doesn't use power switches on their power supply units, so if you have a power switch on a new psu, make sure it can fit through the opening in the back of the dell case.

    As you can (hopefully, if the link works) see, the dell 8300 has only room for a power cable connector, and no power switch, so you either need a psu with no power switch, or else take a dremel/metal shears to the case and make a larger opening.

    Here's what I mean by cutting a larger psu hole.

    This power supply is the closest fit for the dell case I could find of standard power supplies. It also happens to be a very nice one for a great price. I'm not sure if the power switch will fit through the opening, but it has to be very close if it doesn't.
  4. Nerukan

    Nerukan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hello, finally got the power supply and it certainly works. But now there's another problem.

    I'm not getting any video with the motherboard and video supply both in the system, so I must ask is the GeForce 7800 compatible with a Dell Dimension 8300 motherboard? Would there be any reason for the two to not work together? One of the things Dell support said was that it didn't, though they also said there was no power supply that could be upgraded (haha).

    So again, the monitor is not working.

    The monitor is a Dell VGA. The GeForce 7800 says it works with VGA but.... something's not right. I've tried with two monitors thus far, both basically the same. Any ideas?
  5. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Do you have the 7800 plugged into the PSU witht he 4 pin molex connection?
  6. Nerukan

    Nerukan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes, it is
  7. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    What were you using for video before you gott he 7800? did you have another video card or did you have onboard video?
  8. spudders

    spudders TS Rookie

    have you found a solution to this problem??

    i also have a dell dimension 8300 and upgraded PSU. with the 7800 installed, the card lights up, the fans spins, but i get only a blank screen.
  9. chrisgbruk

    chrisgbruk TS Rookie

    Hi Guys

    I have the same problem!

    We have a Dell Dimension 8300 and it has an older geforce 5200 card in it, which is now too old for some new games and such we would like.

    We bought the BFG GeForce 7800GS from future shop and also upgraded our power supply to a PC Power & Cooling Dell unit.

    Trouble is, when I hook everything up, nothing happens! I can hear Windows starting up, but the monitor doesn't show anything at all, whilst with the old card it is still fine...... The new card is glowing blue and is getting enough power, and the fan is whirring. I'm basically at my wits end here, so any help would be appreciated.

    There is no inbuilt graphics card into the motherboard, and I've upgraded the Bios.


  10. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    You didn't mention it specifically so let me ask if you plugged in the auxilliary power connector on the inside end of your graphics card? Your old card didn't have that connector so it's easy to overlook.
  11. chrisgbruk

    chrisgbruk TS Rookie

    HI Mailpup

    Thanks for the reply.... Yeah I plugged it in and the card is working (the blue LED is on). I can even hear Windows boot up, but alas can't see anything at all, not even BIOS......

    any more help would be more than welcome :D

    - Chris
  12. chrisgbruk

    chrisgbruk TS Rookie

    Well I guess It's time to check out some other cards, although this might be a laborious task as it seems Dells have all sorts of problems with many types of card, it seems like a scattergun approach.

    Needless to say I will never be buying a Dell again ;)

    As a curiosity though, has anyone ever found a solution to this problem? For no matter how long I search, I just see the problem and no resolution.


  13. chrisgbruk

    chrisgbruk TS Rookie

    Well after much looking around it seems that this card is incompatible with Dell's BIOS. I'm at AO7 on the Dimension 8300......... the BIOS simply won't initialise the card!

    anyone got one working on this system, or think of any work-arounds?


  14. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    If that is the case, you might find an updated BIOS from Dell's website.
  15. chrisgbruk

    chrisgbruk TS Rookie

    The latest BIOS upgrade for my Dell, is AO7 which I'm now at...... there is no later ones than this I'm afraid, which was created in 2004!

    - chris
  16. Nellie71

    Nellie71 TS Rookie

    Hi chrisgbruk

    Did you manage to resolve this?
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