PSU for AMD 64 x2 4400+

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Nov 11, 2005
  1. Ordered my new CPU + Mobo yesterday, now in the process of getting the other bits, I would like a silent, mayb with a blue LED or something, what can you recommend??
  2. JerseyDevil13

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    is your mobo a sli? if so get at least 600w power supply and I would definatly get geforce 7800 gt or gtx for your GPU and definaly go with corsair xms 2-2-2-5 latency ram at least 1.5 gig preferably 2 gig if you plan on playin BF2,Quake 4, HL2, Doom 3 and so on especially these games if you play on ultra quality they use 512 ram just for added textuing alone so 2 gigs is a must for smooth gameplay on highest graffix settings.

    here is my setup:

    Fatality a8n sli
    amd 4000+ 1 meg cache
    2 gig xms corsair 2-2-2-5 latency
    2 bfg geforce 7800 gt oc
    600w power supply
    maddog cd+dvd burner
    HD WD sata 120gb 8meg cache
    xp pro sp2

    hopefully this is helpfull to you and anymore questions feel free to ask!

  3. Didou

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    You do not need a 600w PSU, that's way too much. Look for a very good & reputed brand. Something along the lines of 400w should do. Look at the different ratings for the voltage lines & that's one area where bigger is better, not overall wattage.
  4. JohnR

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    The mobo is an ASUS a8n deluxe. I cant really afford the 7800 gtx right now so im going to make do with my 6600gt. I also ordered 2gb corsair ddr400 (not sure about the latency)
  5. RealBlackStuff

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  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I use a 300W PSU on an AMD64/3000, Abit AV8, 1.5GB memory, 1 HD, 2 DVD-burners, Radeon 9600.

    Power consumption increases about 10W when I overclock the CPU 25%.

    I'd like to know where this 1/2 kW+ PSU trend comes from.

  7. Thrudd

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    From all those power hog Graphic cards and systems loaded with way too may DVD/CD drives/burners and HDDs.

    On a bare minimum system with 1 HDD and one DVDplayer and a MAD GPU card a 375 is adequate if it is in spec and stable.

    But if you have, lets say, a 4 drive RAID 5 array and a pair of DVD burners on top of all that you will quickly run out of voltage overhead and :hotbounce
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