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May 15, 2008
  1. I recently started building a new system and got few parts
    1) intel 6300 core2duo
    2) 2gb of corsair XMS DDR2 mem
    3) a 8800gtx 320 nvidia gfx
    4) a gigabyte nvidia680 mobo
    5) and oryx 650 watt psu

    everything worked fine for 1-2 weeks but today i thought i will install 2 more hard disks (already had 3hd+1dvd) to slowly build up the system .. little did i know that my psu would blow up.

    I did all the right procedures, i had unplugged everything, and checked everything 10000% to be cleanly installed and locked to place. I then switched the psu on from the back and "tsaf", a small lighting, some smoke and the stink of the fried psu...
    Now i am left with the worry that whatever psu i will get my system may be fried, plus i need to buy a new psu which i dunno what to get as per their wattage and out voltages / amp...
    Shouldn't 650 be more than enough for this? the system was not overclocked.

    Can anyone advise on a psu that can support my setup? and a min of 8 hd's?

    The odd thing is that the internal fuse of the psu hasn't burned or anything. i checked this cause i thought i could maybe change the fuse and somehow fix the psu for the time being....

    anyadvise welcomed.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Your motherboard might be fried too. A good quality 650 Watt dual 12 volt rail supply would work
  3. mke

    mke TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 90

    hi there, thanks for your reply. When you say dual 12 volt rail, what exactly is that? sorry for my ignorance, but i never paid attention to psu's, i always got not the best one, but a middle class psu (according to price...) silly me.
    now i found a 750 thermaltake for 99 GBP from my local store, but dunno what exactly too look for a psu. I can't really afford almost 100 for a psu at this time, since i already spend my overdraft to build this fried thing :(
    i know the new psu should have a 20+4 plug, 2xpci-e 6pin (for future sli) and possibly the new 2xpci-e 8pin (again sli for future upgrade). 6-10 sata powers cables and a few molex connectors would be handy. now wattage and amps i am not sure what to look for.
    any advise much much appreciated.

    I really do hope that the mobo isn't fried. i couldn't handle that right now. what about cpu? does it face also a possible friedness? the memory?

  4. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    All you have to do is read the specs of a power supply. It will indicate if there is a dual 12 volt rail. You will have to install the power supply before you can determin if something else is fried
  5. mke

    mke TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 90

    Hi there again Tmagic650. damn you are quick in your responses! thanks! :) ok i tested my mobo and cpu / ram with my girlfriends pc that i build and everything seems to power up. though no hard disks connected, just mobo, cpu,ram, gfx and that psu. It brings up the post screen and everything seems in order, no odd bips or flashes. so i do hope for the sake of my sanity this is fine. i will pop to the store in the next hour, but i would greatly appreciate if you could me once again, about that dual 12 volt rail.
    To my understanding and quicky research, i came to the conclusion that the dual rail that you mentioned is infact something internal to the psu, e.g. say a 750psu has like 1 main 20+4 pin mobo cable, 1 4/8pin extra power, and all other plugs for hard disks and graphics card and so on. Basically the dual rail splits the path of the current to 2? and therefore provides theoritically a more stable power flow as it uses 2 independed rails? to supply the system? It isn't like an added mobo power 20+4 connector or something else? Am I close?

    by the way, the thermaltake toughpower 750W SLI Certifiied psu the stores sells, had the description showing a max of 5 sata connectors, while a little search on the internet hasn't found me that model. unfortunately i din't write down the exact model number of the psu, just the tittle in my head. I juts don't wont to go down the shop again, only to find out that it's not a dual rail or something..
    Any advise again gratelly appreciated. Will also be thinking of the quick responses and thanking you while i eventually play assasins creed and gothic 3 on that not so fried system ;)

    thanks dude
  6. mke

    mke TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 90

    --- small update ---

    hi again, found out the model number is Thermaltake Toughpower 750 Watt - W0117 . does this suit my needs? it seems like a decent psu but then again i though my last psu was good, and got it fried in less than 24hr.....
    here are the specs. it has four 12v rails according to website. should i stay or should i go to the shop? my feet are itching me to go.

    thanks again
  7. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    This is a 485W that has more than enough power to run your system: Enermax Noisetaker II. It is also significantly cheaper than that Toughpower. Of course that Toughpower will run your system fine, if you care to spend that much money, but you don't need anywhere near that amount of power.

    The problem is when you build a modern system you can't screw around on the power supply, you absolutely need a quality one. The Noisetaker II is the exact one I'm running on a system very similar to yours. (specs in top right of this post frame).
  8. mke

    mke TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 90

    Hello again,

    am back. i got the thermatake toughpower 750w (W0117) psu and am happy to say it works like a charm, paid 90GBP after allot of hagling.. Happily enough my cpu/mobo/mem/gfx/and most of hd's work. I wouldn't mind a cheaper in the pocket psu that does the job, but am quite impressed with the psu and the quality of package/finished look. However my main concern now has shifted to one of the big big drives that was full of nice stuff that i wanted, has gone and am left -1tb. :(
    This is one of the last 2 drives i installed before my old psu got fried. Now everything works expect that 1tb hitachi sata2 hd.
    Bios wierdly reports it as 33Mb and Windows XP SP2 shows it as unformated on My computer and 32mb on disk management. For obvious reasons i dont want to format it.
    Could the drive actually get fried too when i my psu got fried? Do note that I hadn't powered up the pc when the oryxx psu fried, I had just plug the power cable on the back and switched on the switch on / off thing of the psu. Then "tsaf" and the rest you know. The system should'nt have send and power signal to the hd? since i hadn't power the system. I would expect the mobo to get power, but not the hard disks? All other hd's seem to work fine.

    Is there anything i can do? it can't be true. The data is still there, and am almost possitive that there is a way to make windows recognise that drive again as normal.
    PS: this drive was installed for the first time on the system when the psu burned. I had the drive before mounted externally on a WD book case from another drive.
    The drive now doesn't work either on the WD case. it shows as connected when in sata mode (unformatted or as 32mb in size)

    Any advise greattly appreaciated. This is a dark time for me :(
  9. mke

    mke TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 90

    Ok am back!
    once again u may say but i don't care :) I got the hard disk working now :) yippie and hurray. i shall post some pics of the case once i find some time to hook up the camera. either way.
    The 2 tools I used are the standard Hitachi Feature Tool v2.09 (to check what is the reported status and settings of the drive)
    and the HDD Capacity Restore Tool from
    Ironically when i run both tools, both didn't seem to do anything on the hd. First the hitachi crashed when i pressed the change capacity option, (where i didnt even change anything, it was just the main option to enter the underluying settings).
    And secondly the other tool reported that the disk may be damaged or inaccesible, hence no action was taken.
    So i was left wondering what else to do, and for some reason i restarted the system and ouala the disk was showing on bios normally and to my supprise on windows too :)

    Now the system runs smoothly (or show it seems and fools me ) with following:

    Intel Core2Duo E6300 - not overclocked with stock cooler at 45/47 Celsius
    Gigabyte - N680SLI DQ6 v2
    Leadtek 8800GTS
    2 Gb Corsair XMS DDR2
    6 Sata Hard disks
    (will add the large 12" fan from the old friend psu;) think that would help with the much needed ventilation in the case).

    am home am happy and the system works :)
    thanks all for the help, will post pics new few days of the actual system and possibly my full setup.

    anywho, off to test more the Audio Junky pc :)
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