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Oct 28, 2004
  1. ok im extremely cheap. i dont have enough money to get a sleeving kit for my PSU wires, nor do i have the money to buy round IDE cables. so i made my own round cables, well i cut them and formed round cables :). does anyone know of an adequate substitute for sleeving that i can use on my PSU wires, and one which i wont need a molex connector remover. i was thinking maybe i could take 2 pieces of duct tape and tape theb together (tape both pieces to each other via sticky side) and maybe wrapping them around the wires and secure them with twist ties. would this work, or does ne one got any other suggestions.
  2. scotiawhiskers

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    Go to your local Maplins (or similar electronics store) or a car/motorcycle spares place. Get spiral-wrap, usually sold by the metre in all sorts of colours. No need to disconnect wires or suchlike, it'll just wrap around and look cool. Costs just a few pence/cents a meter. Plastic so insulating too. Designed for wrapping cables or stopping brakelines, etc from rubbing on bodywork.
    Job done! :haha:
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    or you could do it the old fashioned way. get some heavy black thread and do a chain stitch (interlocking loops along the wires) That's something I learned in the early 70s.
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    Whats a Chain Stitch? I mean I see you said interlocking loops around the wire, but how do you mean?
  5. Tarkus

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  6. engel_wolf

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    I see. That must take a long time when doing a PSU, but I bet it would look really good if done right.
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