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QDI mother boards,.... DONT BOTHER!!!

By ydeardorff
Apr 21, 2005
  1. Hello to all tech heads!!!

    I am a fairly experience computer person, in fact Ive built all my computers except my very first 386, back in 91.

    Now I have put together alot of computers and I'll tell ya the only thing QDI got right was the size and placement of the motherboard.

    Cause this board is a joke!!!! It is a QDI SUPERB4FX single channel P4 mobo.

    The MFG'er is actually a con glom of companies coming together in china to make and export these boards to the U.S.

    Ok first of all,... items fit losely into the sockets, there is supposed raid support but with no special slot for it, and no instruction in the mobo book on how to install it. The motherboard is a P4 only board, but when the driver disk is inserted, it says right in the top of the screen NOT FOR INTEL CHIPSETS! lol you gotta love that!! Given that the original language of the mobo manual was in chinese,... the translation got alittle left in the dust!!

    The motherboard is slow!! And I mean slow!! My MSI kta raid 333 mobo running a 1.2 gig athlon and 512 ram was just as fast, as this board with a 3 gig p4 running 1gig of ram. lol

    To top off the Mobo's continual restarting of itself, not recognizing front usb, or front audio, you name it everything is a battle on this baord!!!

    And the last insult,... is you only get a message board, to complain to. no direct customer support, even the phone numbers,... have no english speaking people on the other end. lol

    next time I'll stick to something alittle more home grown!!

    Lesson learned!!


    Thanks for reading!!!
  2. dgower2

    dgower2 TS Maniac Posts: 238

    :.( I feel your pain

    I've never had as bad an experience as what you've recorded here, but I'm done with FIC mobos ever since my bad experience a few years ago.

    So based on my experience and these forums, my banned mobo list includes:

    1. FIC
    2. Asrock
    3. Now QDI

    Please can everyone add to this list if you've had nightmarish experiences with other mobo manufactures. Anyone have an opinion about Shuttle?
  3. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    that's what you get with generic asian products, which i jokinglycall "rice boards" NOT IN A RACIST WAY. even name brand companies such as asus have bad reputations in the support area.
    intel makes outstanding motherboards, and they're right here in the good 'ol USA.

    the federal trade comission, which has been protecting american consumers since established in the early 1900's, ensures that you will not get ripped off from an american company. im sure various other nations have similar organizations as well. chairman mao's pals let 'em get away with a lot of stuff overe there in asia but we here in america we don't stand for that.
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