Quad-Sli Geforce ?

By goliath9 ยท 4 replies
Mar 11, 2006
  1. ok i just read something about next gen pc are coming out with the new quad sli geforce plus cyberpower has one for a everynice price.

    you guys think in the next few years most system will be equip with this technology?
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Personally, I doubt it. Sli and Qual sli just take up too many slots IMO, and cause heat issues. I think future cards will be dual/quad core instead of having multiple cards. I'd rather have a single dual core card, than have two identical cards, since it's easier to install, and would leave more slots open for expansion.
    Time will tell though...
  3. goliath9

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    Yes U Gave Ti Agree..and Future Cards Are Bound To Be Power As Techonology Grow
  4. CMH

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    I would say because the technology to install 2 cards are already here, and that only enthusiasts are crazy enough to install 2 GCs, SLI (and all spinoffs) will be here to stay. Of course, there's nothing to stop GC makers from fitting in more cores on a single card.

    Again, I think multicore + SLI is only for people with watercooling. Just too much heat into the case. As it is, temperatures in my casing is more than just a couple of celcius higher than ambient, and thats with alot of fans. Quiet ones, but there's a total of 4 for the casing alone (including the noisiest 120mm exhaust pushing >60cfm). And I'm not even running SLI.
  5. Mojam

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