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Sep 23, 2005
  1. I was thinking of purchases a new mobo/cpu. I would very much like to get a PCI express mobo but I'm currenlty running a Geforce 6800 AGP.. I don't plan on buying a new video card for a while and was wondering if PCI express mobos still support AGP cards. In the future I would obviously be purchasing a PCI express video card and I don't want to have to buy another MOBO. Thanks
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    as i understand it, you have to make the choice between a PCIE board (nforce4) and an AGP board (nforce3). the intel chipsets are much more flexible, allowing AGP subsystems up to the 925 chipset line. you can't run a dual-core cpu on an nforce3 board.

    if you choose to keep your agp video card and make a system using that, i reccomend the msi k8n neo2 motherboard, it is fast and is very affordable (fully loaded).
  3. Uber Noob

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    i personaly recommend getting a amd 3200+ and a agp 8X motherboard
    agp isnt the bottle neck when gamming most gamming doesnt saturate the bandwith of agp 4X. i recommend buying the best agp technology when it drops in price as pci(e) gain popularity this stuff should go down in price
    i recommend

    this motherboard supports pc 2100 to 3200 and overclocks niceley
    i run the same board with the xp2800+ barton 333 fsb at 352 fsb with a gig of pc3200 and it runs great in sisoft sandra i am neck and neck with an p4 3.8
    and this board and processor runs less than a hundred bucks. this should hold you off just fine untill the new technology gets the bugs out and comes down in price. be a real nerd and hold off for better cheaper prodect dont be a beta tester for them at a high price.
  4. pkroks

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    i would advise going with the PCI-Express graphics card with a motherboard that can support SLI. Try this asus a8n sli deluxe motherboard at newegg

    and try a graphcis card like this one

    If you buy the motherboard and the graphics card, which are not tooo expensive, you will have room to upgrade for quite some time. if you buy an AGP motherboard very soon you will find it very difficult to find some graphics cards for it... be safe, go with the PCI-E
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    Yeah, after I posted this I did some research and made the decision to go with the athlon 64 3200+ 939..I'm not sure what mobo yet, most likely the Gigabyte k8u because it comes loaded and I can get the combo for around $200.00. Zep, I will look into that MSI board and see if I can find a decent price for the combo.

    EDIT: hrmm, it seems that I should have mentioned my current mobo/cpu

    ASUS A7VX-X AGP 8x
    Athlon XP 3000+
    Geforce 6800 AGP 8x
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    with the Gigabyte k8u you wont be able to get that processor as it is a socket 754 board and the processor is a socket 939. go with the asus that i put the link to in an earlier post, asus is brilliant...
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    Get a ULi M1695 based motherboard, it supports both PCI-e & a true AGP8x slot. It's a bit hard to come by as it has just started shipping but if you're not in a hurry I suggest you look for more info on it.
  8. pkroks

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    ya i read a review on that board on toms hardware. it looked quite good...
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  10. jarvis

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