Question about Windows Live Messenger... HELP!

By Cyrese
Jul 18, 2006
  1. Ok for a while now, I just assumed MSN was down, I have not be able to log in. Each time I do I get this error message.

    "Sorry, we were unable to sign you into Windows LIve Messenger at this time, please try again later"

    "To let us try and troubleshoot the problem, click the troubleshoot button"

    "Error Code: 80072ee7"

    What does all this mean???? How do I fix this??? I have uninstalled and reinstalled this program and still doesnt work. When I troubleshoot it, my DNS and Key Ports are the things preventing it from happening, I think, but I havent changed anything, added any programs or anything. I left for the weekend, with no one here at the computer and the computer cut off and came back and have not been able to log into MSN Live since then, PLEASE HELP!

    This is so annoying

    Thanks for all that can help.

  2. Paulaw

    Paulaw TS Rookie

    Cant Log in to MSN Live

    I am having the same problem - has any body solved this
  3. momok

    momok TS Rookie Posts: 2,265


    Please see HERE for some insight into this problem.

    Your friendly momok =)
  4. Paulaw

    Paulaw TS Rookie


    Thanks heaps, will give it a go. Fingers crossed and appreciate your prompt reply.
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