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Aug 5, 2008
  1. I am running some cat5e cable to another room to run another computer and to run into my stereo also.
    I will run two cables to a wall connector from my router. I have set the wall connector up with the T568A arrangement. Is that ok?
    My question is how should I set up the cords running from the router? What arrangement and how should I set up the male end of the main cords running to the other room? Does this make sense? Thanks.
  2. Rick

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    I'm not entirely sure I follow you. Does your stereo support networking? :\ What you've said doesn't sound very clear to me, for some reason. Maybe its the wording.

    T568A is OK, but T568B is a more widely used standard. For that reason, I don't think ithere is a point in using A over B. But, whatever you do, just make sure the ends are identical to each other (For example: If you use A, make the other end A also). T568B is OW/OR/GW/BL/BW/GR/BRW/BR. Making a cable that uses A on one end and B on the other makes a cross-over cable... You probably don't want that.

    It sounds like you are running two cables. Are you installing wall plates too? If you have a single wall plate, then running two cables might make sense. If you aren't using wall plates or you only have a single wall plate, you might want to run a single cable through the wall and buy a cheap switch to share that cable between multiple devices... especially if you have run many feet of cable.

    And remember to avoid AC lines because they can cause interference with your CAT5 cabling. :)
  3. ingeborgdot

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    Yes, my receiver has internet radio, and will update firmware via the internet.

    I have a wall plate with two connectors and will run two cables to that and two from that wall plate. My other new whole house audio receiver from Russound uses the A terminations for the ends also so I guess that is what I will do for everything.

    What exactly is a crossover cable? Thanks.
  4. Rick

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    It should be safe to still stick with B instead of A, but like I mentioned, A is perfectly fine. It's bad crimping, but you could arrange the wires in any order you want - the important part is the ends must stay the same. When the wires are the ends are the same, it is a "straight-through" cable. Straight-through is what most networking equipment uses.

    A crossover cable uses A on one end and B on the other. If you compare both ends, they are NOT the same... the green and orange wires are switched with each other. This is often used with older and professional networking equipment, but it is uncommon with any remotely recent consumer level stuff.


    A --> A
    B --> B

    A --> B
  5. rf6647

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    Checkout this Compass DeRose Guide to Network Wiring. It uses pictorials to show the arrangement of pairs in cables (A, B, crossover). If you follow the cat5 standards, you can split the 4 pairs between two RJ45 connectors [2 pairs each]. Following cat5e/cat6 standards uses all 4 pairs.
  6. NetCablesPlus

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    Let me make a suggestion to save you grief: use long patch cables bought from a manufacturer who put the RJ45 end plugs on it at the factory. I assume that you have keystone data jacks in the wall plates. Hoepefully, they are either toolless keystone jacks or you have the ability and skills to use one requiring tools. You can cut the RJ45 plugs off the ends that are going into the keystone jacks and will know that at least the plugs going into your devices are professionally crimped and tested.
  7. ingeborgdot

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    Everything I have done is working perfectly. I have tried with a lot of force to pull the ends of that I crimped and none would come off. I did an experiment with one I made and one I had purchased. The end of the purchased one came off at about the same force as the one I made. I must make them pretty good.
  8. NetCablesPlus

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    It is not the strength of the crimp to the insulating jacket that is at issue, it is the actual connectivity of the individual wires to the plugs. A crimp that looks and feels good can be substandard and still work, but it may cause performance issues, intermittencies, etc. In my business, I hear about it all fo the time from my systems integrators clients.
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