Radeon 9200 128 MB APG Is it a good card?

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Dec 20, 2004
  1. i was browsing the wal-mart website and i found a radeon 9200 128 MB APG for $81 should i buy this my current video card is poo! its like 8mb! tell me if this is a good idea and a good deal ;)
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    a radeon 9600 would wipe the floor with a 9200 that you are considering and the difference between the prices is a meager 6-7$.also you can consider a geforce fx 5200 that should be in the same range.
    geforce 6200 cards would soon hit retail which should be around 120$ and something to seriously consider if you get a mobo with pci express.turbocache would imrove its performance drastically if you have good ram.
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    got to be careful with this area
    tic: motherboard compatablity
    toc: power supply upgrade maybe needed
    try to keep memory sticks matched

    good luck
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    well i beg to differ but you will only need to worry about motherboard compatibility and power if he deicdes to go for pci express upgrade which will need a new mobo,processor,ram(everything).if he is considering a 9200 and decides to go with a 9600 instead the difference between there power consumption would be only negligeble but the performance incresae would be drastic provided of course he has an agp slot at his disposal.other than that there shouldnt be any problem with his current system.
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