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Aug 30, 2006
  1. Hi i have had a radeon 9800 for just over a year

    the other day i was playing a game and the whole screen turned into a bunch of weird shapes with all different colours, i shut down the computer and restarted but now from the moment i switch it on there different coloured lines and shapes around the screen

    as has been suggested in other posts i have reseated the card cleaned it and installed various driver but it doesnt work

    the fan works fine on the card but the computer itself has overheated alot recently so my thought are that the card has died

    im going to get a new card this week but before i do can anyone suggest anything else that might be the problem with my current one because it has worked fine for a year but has really recieved a hammering over the last couple of weeks.

    thanks for the replies
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    Try plugging a different monitor into your PC. I have the same card as you and I wouldn't be supprised if it had overheated and damaged it. The fan/heatsink that comes with that card is a pile of crap. With'in day one of buying that card I had to order a better fan.
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  4. matt_16

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    ive tried a different monitor and its the same result

    ive ordered a x1600 512 so i hope that sorts it
  5. SvB4EvA

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    The X1600 comes in AGP and PCI-E. Make sure you chose the right one you want.

    I just bought a X1900 GT last night myself. Its PCI-E and my mother board wouldnt support it. So I just went all out and got a AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ new motherboard, case and power supply.

    Better luck with your new card!
  6. MetalX

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    I had a 9800PRO and it did that to me. I figured out after almost a month of trying to fix it that in fact, 9800s have a tendancy to just die. Mine wasnt overheating because I had an aftermarket cooler on it and it idled at 35C. After awhile i think maybe some of the pixelpipelines or vertex shaders start to malfunction... there's really no solution except to buy a new card.
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