Radeon 9800/9600 problems.

By Hodsocks
Feb 23, 2005
  1. Has anyone any immediate thoughts on the following problem?
    I have been looking at a Dell pc that had a 9800 card fitted but was showing very distorted graphics - dominant vertical striping. I took it out and replaced it with a pci card that worked fine. I have since tried the 9800 in another machine which gives similar problems.
    I received a 9600XT card today and fitted it to the Dell and everything seemed to be working Ok, drivers loaded and booting into windowsXP. After a while the screen went blank and monitor was not receiving a signal from the card, I rebooted the machine a couple of times and the same thing happened. I took the card out a couple of times and reseated it in the agp slot but to no avail.
    Has anyone quick thoughts as to what may be going on?
    I intend to try the 9600 card in another machine just to confirm that it does work OK.
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Did the agp slot ever work correctly? Is the computer recognizing it?
  3. Hodsocks

    Hodsocks TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 382

    Well I finally got round to trying the 9600 card in another machine and as I expected it runs OK.
  4. gasstronamicle

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    did u proiperly uninstall the old drivers. if you were not using a ati pci card tis the drivers. nvidia especially, if u ahd a nvidia pci card installed you should reformat your hd to amke sure teh ati card works properly, or if your lazy use drivercleaner pro. its free and gets rid of driver reminants.
    if it still doesnt work test your agp conections try to gun teh card at 4x, and 2x see if it helps. make sure fast write is ON radoen 9600 need fastwrite on.

    if none of these work post back and ill try adn see what else could be the problem
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