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Nov 23, 2006
  1. I have an Emachine with an Athlon 64 processor. I want to upgrade the graphics board, with a better ATI, as the paper owrk says that is the only one to use. Anyone have any suggestions on what to get? I am looking at the X1300 pro, but I see there are 3 different models. I am running 2.3 gigs of ram in the system now. I am not sure if the ram which is DDR, and the graphics board that has GDDR2 is compatable, or DDR2. I do not know what these stand for. The graphics in it is the Radeon express 200, and I would like to upgrade to something else to free up that extra 128 megs of ram that is on that processor.

  2. wolfram

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    Hi and welcome to TS! :)

    First, we need to know:

    1.- System specs (motherboard, type of slot, like PCI, AGP, PCI-E)
    2.- PSU (power supply) wattage, amperage on the +12V rail. (Look at the sticker attached to the PSU, you need to open your case to find it)
    3.- Your budget (probably consider a new PSU, because most e-machines PSU's are junk)

    To help you out, check this thread by Howard:

    BTW, it doesn't matter if you get a video card with DDR, DDR2 or GDDR3 RAM. It will be compatible with your system. And you don't necessarily need an ATI video card, you can buy a Nvidia one too :)

    Regards :wave:
  3. TimeParadoX

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    Personaly I think nVidia is the best GPU manufac because they have some really nice tech support and the drivers are always up-to-date no matter what card =)

    But ATI does have simplified overclocking then nVidia... it really depends on what you want to do ;)
  4. Nightowl

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    I believe it is the PCI express. I will look inside to see what the power supply is. I know that they did recommend the 1300 pro, but there are 3 different 1300's. I just want to upgrade it some, from what it came with. I hope to have 4 gigs of ram by the time I am thru. As far as the motherboard goes, I have no idea how to tell them apart. I have looked at other boards on line, but I didn't see one that looked like mine. The board it self is red in color, has 4 slots for memory cards, 4 extra slots in the back to add boards, with 3 of them being short and 1 black long one that is on the motherboard. Thats about the best I can tell ya unless I find out something more. Is there a sticker or something that tells you what kind of board it is. I believe it is an ATI also, but as far as what model, I have no idea. As far as money is concerned, I hope to get it all done for less than 300 bucks.

  5. wolfram

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    Why don't you run Everest Home Edition? That should allow you to check every single spec of your system.

    Check out the link I gave you on my previous post :)
  6. Nightowl

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    Okay, lets try this. I downloaded everest, and here is what I got.

    Motherboard ID.---MSIRS480M2 (MS-7093 Not sure what this is for?)


    3 PCI
    1PCI-E x 16
    Power Supply.---Bestec
    Output--------+12V=15 Amps
    300 Max
    +5V & +12V & +3.3V----288W Max

    I think the rest is in the above posts.
  7. wolfram

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  8. Nightowl

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    So, it makes no difference what the make is? My paperwork has a seperate sheet that says if I want to go to a different graphics card, only ATI is supported. Also looking at the ports of that card that you showed a link to, where do you plug the monitor in to? I don't see the same plug as I have now?
  9. wolfram

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    That is an ATI card. It's not BBA (built by Ati), but it has an ATI chipset. Should be fully supported by your board.

    And you must be talking about the blue VGA connector. Have a look at this image. That DVI to VGA adapter allows you to use a standard VGA monitor.


    Regards :wave:
  10. sghiznaneck

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    I agree that you'll need to swap out the psu for a better one. As far as RAM goes, 4 gigs of RAM in a non-Vista operating system is just overkill, expecially if you're not running a duo core/AM2 processor.
  11. wolfram

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    I'd love to have even 2GB of RAM, just for that damn game called BF2 lol :haha: 1GB is not enough for it.
  12. TimeParadoX

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    Im getting SLi with DDR2 800 RAM so im ganna be overclocking like crazy :haha:
  13. Nightowl

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    Ah, I see what your talking about now. We use to get those in the box when they came in with a new computer at work. I couldn't figure out what they were, since they didn't fit anything, so I just threw them out. It must of been an extra they threw in each box. I am going to make sure that the new power supply I buy, will fit perfectly in my tower. I hate the thought of buying a new tower, and moving all the stuff over to it. I have yet to put a computer together, but I think the time is right to start trying some of it. I have an old IBM that I want to get running also. The drives won't work, and I think that is because it was reformated, and I didn't have the old drivers for the cd rom, and the floppy. Anyone know where you can find these? I bought it in 1997 new, and it cost me alot back then. If I remember right, the drivers are on 2 cd's from IBM. One is blue, and one is red. No luck on ebay, so if someone knows of a person who may have these, let me know. If this is in the wrong spot, I will surely move it to the right one. Thanks for all the help.

  14. Nightowl

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    Okay, the new power supply is on the way. It has 550 watts, and is an exact replacement for my computer.:)
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