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Jan 6, 2007
  1. I have an ATI radeon 9550 256mb with the 6.12 Catalyst Display Driver. When playing Counter Strike 1.6 it says that openGL is not supported forcing me to play in software mode and the commands are delayed(i.e. i click and then 5 seconds later it shoots). Also if i try to play Half Life 2 the screen goes into standby mode before the title menu loads up.
    512mb Ram
  2. nismo91

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    Hello and welcome to techspot:)

    Though you're lack of specs, nvm, i think your case is from your gpu itself.
    Are you sure 9550 can play well in HL2? either CS1.6?

    I think most probably 9550 could do it, but maybe there's something wrong with the drivers. now for the catalyst, i suggest you uninstall all ATI related program from ati uninstall sw utility, and install catalyst 6.12, cuz if u dun, there's some system error going sometimes (like mine).
    So i suggest you do a fresh installation of ATI Catalyst 6.12.

    if this doesn't solve the problem, maybe you might think about upgrading your GPU.
  3. Gman'sSecretary

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    Title in a reply?

    Well i took out the last driver but i couldn't find the uninstall utility so i went into everything and deleted all things that had the letters ATI. Restarted and then installed the NGO Ati Optimized Driver which copies the 6.12 Catalyst one. Restarted and then played counter-strike source for about 30 seconds before the screen went into standby. I restarted and played 1.6 for about 2 minutes then i got really laggy and it said 100 choke in the cl_graphs chart and then it went to standby. Ran a program that says i should be able counter strike source with recommended specs. Here they are for reference:
    Compaq Pesario SR1214NX
    80gb hard drive
    512mb ram
    2.0ghz processor
    Amd Anthlon 2900+
    Radeon 9550(installed by Best Buy)
    Also i do not know what you meant by upgrade my gpu so could you elaborate
  4. nismo91

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    Hmm, if you do not have the uninstall utility means there's a conflict going between the drivers. And did it went to standby itself? it means you need to uninstall the drivers properly, restart, make sure there's a pop-up find new hardware wizard. then install ati catalyst 6.12.
    btw, when i did not update my computer graphics driver for 1 year, the computers shutted down whenever i throw a flash-bang but after updating no more problems. Another issue, my friends do not install any ATI software at all, but he still be able to play some 3D games. This indicate that proper drivers are needed in order to run 3D games properly.

    So my last word is, try to do a proper installation of it, if you still cant get rid of it, you'll need to fix it physically or upgrade to a newer gpu (graphics processing unit)
  5. Tmagic650

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    GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or Video Card
  6. Gman'sSecretary

    Gman'sSecretary TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well i took out the driver with it's uninstall utility and restarted the computer. Got the message that my computer found new hardware and I wondered should i do this process or not. Also i played cs 1.6 for about 5 hours straight in software mode without a driver so i think that the radeon itself is ok and when i first got the card it came with a cd with an unknown version of catalyst on it. The screen still goes black even with the software that came in the box so i dunno what else could be wrong (Hardware-working Software-should work). I'll try the 6.12 again and see what happens. Also heard that the radeon 9550 doesn't have a fan built into it. Wonder if it is a heating problem. Also I have a Flat screen monitor if that has some affect on the black screen thing.
  7. Gman'sSecretary

    Gman'sSecretary TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Alright i installed the catalyst 7.1 today and restarted afterwards. Played cs 1.6 in openGL mode in 600x480 resolution and the screen went black in about 15 seconds. This time thought i still had control over the computer and i was still playing the game though i couldn't see anything(black screen not standby mode). You said something about driver conflict and i started wondering wether or not Best Buy properly uninstalled my old drivers for my last graphics card. I think a VIA/S3G UniChrome. Should i run a program on my computer to search for its drivers? Also through searching my computer for the VIA driver i had found 2 versions of the NGO Optimized driver on my add/remove program list which i had before the 6.12 and the 7.1. They won't delete for some reason C:/program files/ngo optimized 1.6.14/uninstal.log doesn't exist can't uninstall? and when i type that in it says invalid address but it says 45mb in my add/remove list so it is somewhere on my computer.
  8. nismo91

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    Oh yeah, if you have a previous video card, especially integrated one, multiple video drivers could conflict and lead to this. uninstall ati, try to use your last GPU first, then install-uninstall it properly and of course DISABLE it straight.
    After you're sure that you do not have any remainder of VIA video drivers, then hope you could continue use your 9550 with 7.1 catalyst.
  9. Gman'sSecretary

    Gman'sSecretary TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Umm i don't have my last GPU. Best Buy kinda lost it somehow so is there another way to check for VIA drivers i don't see any in my/add remove programs list
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