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Apr 16, 2009
  1. Ok, so here is my problem, I am working with a somewhat old computer, I ordered 2 new ram chips to install to take out 3 old ram chips I was using. I had a total of 1g of memory in the machine, but the ram was mismatched, and I did not want to keep that up. So I figured I would get myself 2 1g sticks that where the same as which where already installed, PC3200. Which, my motherboard supports (Supposedly). Now, the only difference between the ram I had before is that the ram I just ordered is duel sided instead of single sided. When I install said ram though, the machine sounds like it would power up, but I have a blank screen, I troubleshot the system to see what it was and ended at the ram chips every time. I've tried them in all the slots possible (There are four). Tried to update my bios, as I had done a fresh scrub recently. But all to no avail. I can put the old chips in and the machine still fires up, but I really would just like to see if there is any way to get this ram to work. The problem that I get every time I put in even just one of the new chips is, the screen will not show anything, or act like it is not getting a signal, the computer sounds like it would be booting, but nothing shows, the screen stays blank. Can't access bios or anything. There are no noises associated w/ the new ram installed, not a beep saying I did anything wrong or anything. Any assistance would be great. Thanks.

    Intel Augsburg D915GAG (Motherboard)
    Memory Size: 2x 1GB DDR 184 Pin
    Number: 1GB x 2
    Memory Speed: 400Mhz (New Ram)
    Device Description
    Samsung M3 68L3223FUN-CCC (X2 old memory)
    Corsair CMX512-3200C2 (x1 old memory)
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    Dual-sided and single-sided RAM are different and some motherboards will only work with one or the other type
  3. red1776

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  4. Tedster

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    hello,,just curious if an sdram chip thats known to be taken out of a comp that had a worm can infections be transfered by ram?...thank you
  7. kimsland

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    Ram has static memory that is fully discharged when removed
  8. drillerblaster

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    thank you kimsland
  9. cjsanders

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    Awesome, thanks Red.

    Ok, turns out from that post Red, that my motherboard does not accept high density ram, which is what I bought. Well, thats a hit on the pocket for not making sure I knew what I was doing I guess. The motherboard does accept 1 GB, duel sided sticks, I just need to ensure that they are low density before I purchase. So thanks again, I researched on google for hours trying to find specific specs for my board, must have been doing something wrong =D. So thanks again Red. Also thanks Tedster for that link you posted, there is alot of good information there.

    Cj out
  10. red1776

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    great CJ,
    yeah i wish you had mentioned 'high density' ram in your first post, not only will it not work, but its garbage. glad it helped.

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