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By reg42
Jun 7, 2009
  1. Hi
    About a month ago I brough some new RAM (2GB DDR2 667) and everything went great for about 3 weeks, then one night I restarted my pc after accidently turning it off, and it blue-screened and restarted and it kept on doing this until I pulled out the plug. So I could out the RAM eventually and now everythings great, but my question is: Why the blue screening? It worked for 3 weeks properly, if it weren't the right RAM then wouldn't it have started started right away?

    I have a Foxconn 45CMX/45GMX/45CMX-K if that helps

    Oh, and I did ask the guy at the shop what RAM to get and he gave he this so maybe he stuffed up?

    Thanks in advanced
  2. raybay

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    Some memory, particularly third tier memory, fails after a few weeks of use because of manufacturing defects that are brought out in use or because of the heat in the case. Common brands we see fail are SimpleTech, various brands of "value ram", Kahlon... Not often, but often enough. Some motherboard are very picky about memory, such as high end Asus and MSI boards... but they now usually report acceptable memory in their manuals.
    There are good explanations in the book Repairing and Upgrading Computers.
  3. Tedster

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