Ram upgrade for x58


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[SIZE=12px][FONT=Verdana]I have x58 mobo which supports triple channel memory and currently I have installed two 2Gb memory sticks(total 4GB) and im planning to upgrade to 8GB. If I add another 4GB memory stick will it impact the performance of the system or is it safe to buy another two 2GB memory sticks. But the thing is buying two 2GB memory sticks is expensive than buying a single 4GB stick.[/FONT][/SIZE]



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Well for a start with 2 sticks of RAM you're not utilising the triple channel memory of the X58 platform. Adding a single 4GB or 2x2GB sticks still won't make it triple channel so just go with the cheaper single 4GB.

Best solution would be to buy a 3x4GB matching set and sell your current RAM but obviously that will cost more.


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X58 platform was never for cheap people, so I'm not sure what you're expecting. :(

Best practise is to purchase RAM in kits. No guarantee's that your RAM will be all compatible if you don't. Also, are you making sure these new sticks you buy have matching voltage, frequency, and timings??