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May 11, 2008
  1. So recently my laptop hd died and im out a computer so i got this older computer i got from a friend its a system max..... anyways im trying to figure out a way to get this thing upgraded but i need to know the max amount of ram i can use is? do you guys know any methods to check this.

    This is what i know.
    Amd athlon Xp home 1700+ 256 ram. SD ram I seen 4 ram slots a agp slot apparently 4x (on a side question can i use a 8x agp card on it?) 1slot is being used.
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    you should google the model number of the pc, you should get more info for it, yes you can use a 8x agp card, but it will only run at 4x. It looks like your ram is just ddr, but like i said, google the model number.
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    Hmm you will need to try to work out what motherboard it is, or possible more detail on the model of the computer.

    One of these tools from here might help: https://www.techspot.com/downloadid11by4.html Possibly "Everest" would be the best


    I see supersmashbrada just got in before me
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  5. Edwin Phate

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    thx guys it supports up to 3gbs :)
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