Ramsurf w/ firefox

By eshkar
Apr 26, 2008
  1. I found a rather old program with a great concept, ramsurf. it stores all of your cache, cookies and history to your ram, that way it goes faster and it clears out every time you shut off or restart without leaving any remnants on the harddrive to be found. Well it was designed for IE, but it works by making the ram into a 30mb hard drive on your computer and you redirect your cache and cookies in ie to that drive, how would I redirect the cache, history, and cookie files in firefox that are in the profile to that same drive? I could redirect the entire profile, but that would be silly, I would lose all my bookmarks and chromes and whatever else, all I want is to redirect the cookies, cache, and History to that drive. If anyone knows how to do that with firefox I would be most appreciative if you would share.
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