Ran 8 steps, still spyware, help

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Mar 14, 2009
  1. After running the 8 steps, I still have 2 things going on, 1 is the spyware remover ad in IE that shows up only after startup. I don't even use IE, I use Firefox, but still Annoying. and number 2, is that every once in a while only on certain websites, I get a box that says Connect Broadband. I know I am already connected, so I just hit cancel, but it asks to change the password. When I hit cancel the website goes through as normal. Any Help or comments would be great. Thanks.

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  2. mflynn

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    First after all the time it took to scan you just exited without cleaning as evidenced by the "No action taken" entries in the MBAM log!

    Second it shows you installed SAS (SuperAntiSpyware) but posted no log.

    There are a few things in the HJT log that need attention but I will wait until correct MBAM and SAS logs are posted!

    So (Update even if you just did it earlier today) both MBAM and SAS and run full scans and post all logs.

  3. wldhrt7

    wldhrt7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ran 8 steps, here's forgotten logs

    After I ran the 8 steps, I no longer have the IE "spyware remover" loadpage upon restart, but the frequency in which the connect broadband popup has increased. also I could not get the sas log , it says nothing is infected. Any help would be Appreciated, thanks.
  4. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    I am waiting on the SuperAntiSpyware log?

  5. wldhrt7

    wldhrt7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    whoops, sorry, here it is

    sorry, I forgot the super anti spyware log, thanks
  6. mflynn

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    Go here and download to Desktop: http://www.adrive.com/public/97c4357781f45c7e443061094b8cfaff3836f57446eb242ab2ee0b6cd68a0107.html

    Double click it to run it.

    Then click OK to self extract.

    It will create a Fixer folder.

    Once extracted dbl click to enter Fixer folder.

    To run it 1st double click Daft, then click scan and check any found items and click fix and then exit.

    Then just dbl click Fixit.cmd to run it.

    It will display many "file not found" "registry entry not found" "Sevice does not exist". these are normal.

    But boot to Safe mode and run it!

    When finished reboot.


    Download ComboFix

    Get it here: http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/sUBs/ComboFix.exe
    Or here: http://subs.geekstogo.com/ComboFix.exe

    Double click combofix.exe follow the prompts.

    Install Recovery Console if connected to the Internet!

    When finished, it will open a log.
    Attach the log and a new HJT log in your next reply.

    Note: Do not click combofix's window while its running. That may cause it to stall.

  7. wldhrt7

    wldhrt7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ran combofix, and others, here's log's

    ok I ran fixer, but got a message.

    [sc] open service failed 1060
    the specified service does notexist as an installed service.

    rebooted, did combofix, and hjt. what now?

    connect broadband popup still comes up

    what the hell is this thing?

    the hjt log is on the other thread, but it is new, I could not get it to move
  8. mflynn

    mflynn TS Rookie Posts: 2,655

    I am sorry I was concentrating on cleaning Malware!

    Ok that connect to broadband usually comes from a extra installed connection usually a PPoE.

    Start-Control Panel-Network and Sharing-Network Connection. If there is a PPoE Icon then delete it.

    Bed time good night!

  9. wldhrt7

    wldhrt7 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Mike

    Thank you so much for your help. The malware appears to be gone. It was a lot of steps, but well worth it. Just one more quick question. Do I or should I run any of these steps on a regular basis? If so, When? Thanks again.
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