random computer shut downs

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May 11, 2003
  1. my buddy's computer randomly shuts down on him...he runs Windows XP Home on an Athlon system...he has a UPS battery backup, so it doesnt seem to be a problem with his electrical outlets...I was thinking maybe he needs a more powerful power supply or maybe his motherboard is bad, but it could be a windows error, anyone had this problem?
  2. poertner_1274

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    Well does he get a stop error, or problem when he reboots? I would suggest checking the event viewer in computer management. That might help if it is a windows problem. It could also be the PSU as you have stated.
  3. Goalie

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    From my small experience in similar situations:

    1. Turn off power management, of all types, in Windows.
    2. Redo #1 after a reboot, just in case.

    And watch it. If it continues to be stupid, it sounds like a psu issue to me. Check out Poertner's advice, too, maybe the logs will have some sorta clue.
  4. Strakian

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    If it's a new machine, it could be a heating problem. Does it shut down when you run graphic intensive games? High processer load appliacation? (ie Photoshop, CAD, etc). If you answered yes, it may be an overheating problem OR a bad/underpowered powersupply
  5. ---agissi---

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    I think your buddy its getting the annoying crap I get on the "family computer"...its running WinXP, and if its just idle there for like 10 minutes, it just shuts down. :confused: kinda pisses me off, because I have its harddrive mapped over the network with all the MP3s I listen to on my PC...*poof* just turns off and then i gotta reboot and logon and all that cofuffel again :mad:
  6. Nic

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    Most modern PCs will have a bios setting that allows the mainboard to shut down the PC if the CPU overheats.
  7. ---agissi---

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    Why does it over heat idling and not while playing UT ;) It was pretty funny, when I had the side of my case on at a lan party. Since we had so many computers the room was like 85 degress. Twice while playing UT my PC just shut right down. I had to take the side of my case off (and leave it off), then put a big fan aiming into my computer. Everything was nice a cool then :cool: Thats when my mobo overheat protection had kicked in...not while idling.
  8. Nic

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    Shutting down only when 'idle' is not mentioned anywhere.
    Only 'random' shutdown (i.e. unexpected) is mentioned.
  9. ---agissi---

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    Nic: I've mentioned it at least 2 times. So yes, its mentioned.
    Anyone can read for themselfs whats mentioned and what isnt.
  10. Nic

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    Apologies ---aggisi---, but what I meant was that the thread starter has not mentioned it in the problem description, and has not been more specic by posting additional follow-up info. He has probably gone off somewhere and given up.
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