Random disconnects from Internet

I just built a new computer recently and it is running great with one big exception, I keep getting randomly disconnected from my wireless internet connection. I do not believe it has anything to do with signal strength because my laptop right next to my rig never has this issue of connectivity. Also seeing as it is a new comp it is not an issue of any malware ect. If i had to guess i would say the wireless card i got is the issue. It was a last minute purchase and cost about 20 dollars. My question is how do I uncover if the wireless card is the culprit and if it is what steps do i take to fix/replace it?


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See if there is a newer driver. If so, uninstall the old one through Programs and Features and install the new one. Of course, make sure it is compatible with your version of Windows.


google for Network Stumbler, download and install it.

it will show you all WiFi stations in range, the channel being used and what if any encryption is being used.
Of course, yours must be in the list. Now compare the channel you use to those of
your neighbors.

Look for an UNUSED channel to avoid interference :)