Random? rebooting

By deosvx
Jul 12, 2008
  1. I have a computer that WAS experiencing random rebooting before I got my hands on it. SItting for awhile, I cleaned it up, dusted it off, removed redundant perefs (ie. 56k modem). I ended up with the mobo, ethernet, 802.11G wireless, AGP vid card, CD-ROM, DVD combo drive, 250GB HD.. everything else is onboard (ie. sound, usb, extra ethernet). I reformatted NTFS and clean install of XP Pro SP2. I updated sound and vid drivers. My problem is... still getting random? restarts. I can leave the puter sitting and nothing will happen, I can casually compose this thread and nothing will happen.. but as soon as I start opening stuff left and right or a website with tons of code... reboot. I unchecked to restart windows on failure but all that does is freeze the computer when it does crash and never produces an error. I have a feeling its the RAM stick in there (no, I do not have another one to test with), or the video card. Any ideas on how I can narrow down the issue? Like I said turning auto restart off to produce an error just freezes the computer when it decides to fail so thats not an option. Not if this is related but IE will occationally Ill-Op on me for no reason.
  2. ITGuy702

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    Well, considering that you said the random reboots occur when there is a heavy work load on that machine...it could be overheating caused by the processor and RAM working harder to accommodate your requests.

    Are you able to tell if all the fans are working correctly? Or if there is any blockage (dust bunnies, etc.) around the fans?

    If you feel it could be the RAM, have you tried to reseat the RAM chip(s)? Another thing to consider, although less likely based on your description of the problem, is a faulty power supply.

    I hope this information helps or at least gets you troubleshooting in the right direction.
  3. kimsland

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    Please run Memtest for at least 7 passes (~4Hrs) for a thorough test of your Ram

    Also confirm you have the latest drivers, especially for your video card.

    Actually I'd recommend reseating and removing any dust on the video card, and in the slot. I'd say this is the most likely issue.
    If you have onboard video, test with the AGP vid card out for a few days (whilst you clean it !)
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