Random shutdown

By ostilad
Jun 21, 2008
  1. "BOW"
    Greetings great & wise pipo of the comp age.i hav a problem.my pc is randomly sutting down without warning!then the p.c attempts to startup again but then after jst running the booting screen instead of the windows xp screen coming up a messsage comes saying "re-booting failed.choose the drive which to boot up from.press any key to continue."i thot this was a problem wit my OS tried to repair the OS wit an XP installation disk but a message came saying "hard disk C is offline check if it's connected or not corrupt.after switching it on it did the same thing but after banging the cpu a bit it came on .the problem recurrs all the time.afer 1-20hrs.the hard disk light jst goes off.oh somebody borrowd my cpu to boot up their hard disk a week ago.that is wen this problem started.
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  2. silverakis

    silverakis TS Rookie

    the problem looks to be in bios settings.....unplugged any USB device and check the in bios boot order......
    Secondly check ur disk with check disk utility.....right click in C and then select check ****....if the problem still exist let us know
  3. ostilad

    ostilad TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    i solved the problem .thanxi jst had to check the connections.re-connected both power and cable to the MB and ta daa!everything is jigga no MORE random shut downs.But i still want to know what " check disk utility.....right click in C and then select check ****...." means wat r the **** stand for?
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