Random sounds - perfs.exe/ Indt2.sys/ andt.sys/ routing.exe

By jaga_k
Mar 23, 2008
  1. For some time now I have been experiencing random sounds on my computer (they are very rare - once a few days). After googling it, I found out that its perfs.exe which is responsible for it. I have McAffee, which detected many times "a file change" with
    Indt2.sys and andt.sys, so I googled that as well, and it seems that all these files are connected.

    Routing.exe seems to be a separate one. I tried to remove them all before
    with Regrun (befor knowing about this forum). It removed perfs.exe/ Indt2.sys/ andt.sys temporarily (they re-appeared the next day). When I tried to remove routing.exe, Windows didn't even run properly after re-starting (all I was getting was a black screen with a mouse icon), so I had to restore the system...

    I have followed your preliminary removal instructions. Not without a few problems, since I run Vista 64bit (Panda Antiroot did not work, so I wanted to try AVG Antiroot, but the link given by you did not work...).

    I also had problems with Combofix, so I used DSS...

    Anyway, I have two logs: DSS and hijackthis. Attaching those.

    Hope to hear from you soon...
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