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Oct 29, 2006
  1. Anyone know of an equivalent to Rapidget for the new site Rapidshare.com domain? Now that Rapidshare.de is no longer uploading new files, you have to use RS.com for anything new, but Rapidget only logs into RS.de and there doesn't seem to be a similar tool available yet.


    a.) Can anyone point me to an independently developed tool for RS.com?

    b.) Or alternatively, can any programmer out there figure out a way to access and modify the code to Rapidget to make it log into RS.com instead of RS.de?

    c.) Or does anyone know of a FF extension that will at let me select a list of text links in a web page and open them all in new tabs?

  2. EsTeBaNo

    EsTeBaNo TS Rookie Posts: 84

    Im Really not sure if theres a Download Manager for Rapidshare.com, But its a matter of time till they make it.
  3. billyellis

    billyellis TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 155

    Thanks, I will take a look...
  4. EsTeBaNo

    EsTeBaNo TS Rookie Posts: 84

    Ok Found one: http://www.rapget.com/
    The webpage is in russian but youll figure out easy were to get the download.
  5. billyellis

    billyellis TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 155

    Thanks! I have downloaded it (using babelfish to translate made it easier to navigate the web site as well) and will test it out soon.

    EDIT: Hey, it works great! My only advice is to extract to the location you intend to use the program from. I extracted to a temp foler to try it first, and since it is a stand-alone .exe like the original RapidGet, I thought I could simply cut and paste it elsewhere if I decided to keep it. But it clearly writes full path names into its .ini file (as opposed to relative paths) because when I did cut and paste and tried to use it again later it wouldn't close and I had to reboot. So...

    A) Works great
    B) Doesn't like being moved, so move extracted files to final location before running for the first time.

    UPDATE: Make sure you have a copy of your links. Rapidget keeps undownloaded files (e.g. file expired or removed, or if your account is used up for the day) in the list. RapGet removes any file that if can't download for any reason and deletes the link.
  6. EsTeBaNo

    EsTeBaNo TS Rookie Posts: 84

    Np, Glad it works for you.
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