Rdio will be the default dashboard audio service for Tesla vehicles in Europe

Shawn Knight

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently revealed that streaming music service Rdio will be used as the default dashboard audio service for the company's fleet of electric vehicles in Europe. It is big news for Rdio as the deal is their...

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Would have been alot better if it was spotify... bc spotify works on every gadget today :) rdio is very limited :s


How about instead of introducing more gadgets to distract the driver and make drivers of unsafe; that Tesla instead works to improve safety.

The Tesla model S. still has defects that make it a fire hazard. Tesla charger connections are still overheating, melting and burning.

On January 9, 2014 Elon Musk said that replacement adapters that are part of the recall would be mailed out within two weeks. A month later Tesla customers have still not received the replacement adapters that are part of the Tesla model S. recall.

Several people have been injured by faulty Tesla charge connectors. Tesla is big on making promises and hype, but short on delivery. Tesla needs to start making safety a top priority. Tesla needs to stop playing blame games and games with semantics. Tesla needs to stop lying. Tesla needs to be proactive instead of reactive. Tesla is being a follower of technology, rather than a leader. Tesla is a greedy corporation that has a disregard for safety. The Tesla model S. is an E-Pinto.