Re: AMD 2000+ XP heat lock ups?

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May 26, 2004
  1. This is my CPU set up:

    AMD 2000+ XP proc.
    FIC AN19C motherboard
    256MB ddr ram
    80GB Western Digital 7200rpm HD
    8GB Western Digital 5200 HD
    ATI Radeon 64MB SDR
    Creative Labs 16 PCI sound card 4.1
    Creative Labs modem
    Build in LAN.
    16x DVD
    CD-R burner

    I am having major issues with my computer. I reformated and install a XP Prof. I am getting all kinds of errors causing the system to shut down and reboot in 1min time.

    I went and checked out my CPU temps in the bios. They are 50-60+ C while in the bios. I get beeps, and shutdowns and can't use the computer for too long. This just while listening to MP3's and surfing the web it will restart.

    So far I have, cleaned the heat sink from dust. I have 4 80mm intake fans at the bottom front. An 60mm exhaust fan on rear and a side mounted 80mm. I have to get this thing stable. Since I had to remove the heat sink, I am picking up some thermal paste on the way home. How to I safely remove the old paste from the CPU chip? What temps should give me a safe stable system after I put the paste on? I am going to take the power supply apart and clean it. If after all this, what do I need to look at next? Has my cpu burned up from heat?? Its the retail amd with amd heatsink. I know its not great from what I've read, but have to use it till I can buy a better HS. Please help, thanks!!
  2. osudelt69

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    I installed a new cpu fan. Temps have dropped to 52 deg Celius at load. I flashed the bios to the latest update. Reformated and fresh XP prof install. Computer now just restarts after a lil bit in windows, no warnings just immediate reboot. Is this a memory problem? What programs can be run to check memory and cpu problems? Thanks
  3. Mrkoffee

    Mrkoffee TS Rookie

    check your Vcore in the BIOS, i have had couple of mobo's and cpu's that would run at around 1.75 vcore which would overheat my comp pretty fast. I think it should be at 1.63 or around that.
    other then that i dont know what else can do, expet for changing out parts.
  4. osudelt69

    osudelt69 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 31

    How would you change that? My vcore was running at 1.76 I believe. However I bought a new mother board ECS K7 nforce2 400 blah blah blah and athlon 2700xp for only 89.99 total. So that is going in with the ram I bought. Well see how it works, *crossing fingers*
  5. osudelt69

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    Thanks for all your suggestions guys. I figured out the problem. I am now typing on my upgraded computer. I narrowed it down that it wasn't the memory. I bought a new mother board ECS and AMD Athlon 2700+ XP processor for 89.99. The board is Nvidia2 chipset 400. An amazing deal I got at Fry's Electronics. I added another 512mb pc2700 so now I have 768mb Its running great! I figure it was my 2000xp processor that crapped out, over heated and fried!! Thats just my guess. It was running really hot and even with a new upgraded fan I was getting those crazy errors. On a site note this motherboard was cheap!! and appears to have some great features! Build in Lan, 6channel audio, adjustable front side bus for overclocking, etc. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Mrkoffee

    Mrkoffee TS Rookie

    two thoughts

    on the Nforce 2 mother board check out the Dual Channel memory Feature. on the mother board u should see one memory slot by kinda by its self and two together. Dual channel is soupposed to give you double speed out of your memory. two catches though. you got to have two memory sticks of the same speed and size ( same manufacture would be nice too) and you cant use all three slots, only the one by itself and one of the two together. If you get it working post or email me, im would like to know how well it works.

    where did you get the mother board and cpu for $99
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