Real life hover bed costs 1.6 mil


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For 1.6 million, I'd want racing stripes and loud mufflers. Maybe they could throw in a couple of sponsorship decals too....


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Call me crazy, but i just don't see how sleeping on top of a giant magnet can be "comforting".

I guess you'de have to watch your iron intake just in case you wake up and literally can't get out of bed :haha: (joke)


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I'll save 1.6 million, and do something naturally 'productive' with them and still save some.

Good point benny, I wonder what would be 'dangerous iron level' to sleep on this bed in the first place. :D


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wouldn't sleeping on a magnetic block for 8 hours every night affect your health IMO it's like buying a deathbed for $1.6 mill