Realtek AC97

By ardi
Jun 17, 2007
  1. Realtek AC97 "LOUDNESS" on Acer Notebooks-Help Please

    Hi everyone,i'm new so i don't know if this subject has already been discussed.I do music professionally.I use Acer notbooks and with varying results they have all had a realtek ac97.Now my current acer is a 5101 turion
    single core.On the realtek eq it has a loudness button.Now i only use this for my pre monitor listening but i must say that in very noisy discos it has changed my life.This week i was going to upgrade to a acer 4233 or 5685 both dual core 2 and both with intel cards,we'll install xp professional but could anybody give me any info on how i could maintain this "Loudness" function.The 5685 seemed to have the same eq page but NO loudness,any info would be greatly appreciated,thanks to all , Ardi
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  3. ardi

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    Well that's encouraging , thank you very much for the info , i'll try to do some homework on the chipsets on the 4233 & 5685 even if looking on the acer site didn't help , it really is quite a big problem for me , oh well , here we go , and thanks again.
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