Realtek HD Audio Manager problem with recording effects

By diedond
Dec 10, 2006
  1. Hi Guys, Im new in here, this is my first post at TechSpot. Id like to say hi to everyone, and I also have a problem.

    I have Realtek HD Audio Manager, and I like it alot. All the sounds effects are easy to use and very useful. But what I just found out is that when I set the effects to like lets say Bathroom, that has all the echoes an all, and I record voice over it, and when I play it it all comes out alright. But when during play I change the effect to none, the recorded files effect also changes to none!
    Its as if I nothing was captured with the effect, its just the voice, and you only apply the effect to a vopice afterwards.
    So Im thriwing with unanswered questions like: Is capturing sound effects possible ( like record a file with the effect and hear it in another computer that has no such effects)? Can I work witrh this, can I make my own art with it (music, movies) and sell using ready made Realtek managers sound effects?
    Any help would be appreciated

    I use a ASUS PLDD2 something Motherboard, and in the Mixer, Recordings area, I dont have the option of tweaking the volumes of Mics, Lines, CD and the other one. Maybe its a related problem that I cant capture effects as well.

    So thanks in advance again. Hope to hear from you.

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