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Jul 2, 2006
  1. Hey everyone, I know I keep posting but its just problem after problem. Ok, here we go. With my computer its built, but it's weird, the hard drvie and optical drvie have to be on the same cable, any other way I can't get to work. Now, if I use my HP dvd drive on slave the computer just reboots and reboots, if I use an old generic CD drvie on slave it works. Whats the deal?
  2. fastco

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    Have you tried the dvd drive on Cable Select?
  3. iss

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    is the HP a DVD ROm or a DVD Burner? if it is a burner then that may be the problem. burners Dont like being slave on a cable. if ti si a DVD rom then I would suggest that either the DVD is defective or the power lead you have on it is defective.

    what are your computer spec's, ;ie Mobo, ram, PSU?
  4. FynexFox

    FynexFox TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ah, it is a dvd burner. my specs are:

    Motherboard - MSI 915P/G combo Socket T(LGA 775)
    Processor - Intel pentium 4 LGA 775 2.66 ghz
    Graphics card - ATI radeon X600pro 256mb PCI-E
    Hard Drive - 160gb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm IDE
    RAM - 2 x 512mb (1gb) Corsair DDR2

    the thing is my bios doesnt let me set the 2 other IDE ports as plain ol ide, they have to be sued in a raid setup, god MSI sucks so bad.
  5. IBN

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    BTW you are doing the jumpers right?
  6. FynexFox

    FynexFox TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I belive so. Ive got the hard drvier on the master connector and set to master, and the drvie on the slave conenctor and set to slave, yeah, Ima call MSI tomorrow and see if they cant help me figure this out. If one of yall can thatd be great.
  7. FynexFox

    FynexFox TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay, I guess this question still pertains:

    My motherboard has 3 IDE slots, one primary(blue) and 2 others(yellow) I want all 3 to work as standard IDE ports, the blue one does but the other two dont, they work in a RAID setup or some crap, I know this is very very vauge but if anyone can tell me what settigns to do roughly in the BIOS thad be great, if you need more info just ask.
  8. fr0stasdell

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    Might just be best off Going RAID or RAID ll
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