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By escaflownev1
Jun 28, 2007
  1. Just recently my computers has experienced an big performance drop. I have no idea why this is any tips to fix this, and get back in the shape it was only a week earlier. I had to do about 3 system restores previous to the performance downfall, does that have anything to do with it? I don't think reformatting will be an option either because my computer has some how lost its inbuilt restoring applications.
  2. raybay

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    Perhaps it would be helpful for us to know the brand, model, configuration, and age of the computer... and what resulted that caused you to do the three previous system restores.

    What AntiSpyware, Antivirus, and root kit software do you have installed?

    Do you have, and do you know how to run the most recent version of HiJack This software?
  3. thebaronjocelin

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    After running a plethora of antivirus utils, press CTRL+ALT+DEL, go to the Processes tab, and see if there is any particular process that is taking up an abnormally high amount of CPU Resources (cycles) or Memory. If there is, that's your culprit. So if it's safe, run an End Process on it, and if it doesn't cut out, try End Process Tree.
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