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Sep 22, 2005
  1. I have an archive which is separated into about fifty different files. The documentation included said I needed to burn it to use it. Each file is numbered with a generic name and an individually numbered extension:

    And so on through
    Also, there is a checksum .SFV file.

    Each file when opened in WinRAR contains a unique .bin file. I sort of understand the concept of combining CD image files that have been separated. The total sum of the size of all the files exceeds one CD’s-worth of data; does this mean that when I combine the .bin files into one I’ll need to burn it to a DVD?

    My question is probably simple, and I hope someone can answer it in a step by step instruction. It’s sitting dormant, and though part of me wants to learn the ins and outs of CD image file splitting and combining, I’d rather have some easy-to-follow guidance.

    How do I extract and recombine the separate .bin files properly, or otherwise prepare the separate files for burning?

    EDIT: I'm checking each numbered extension file to find a .CUE file among the .BIN's.
    EDIT: Found the .CUE file. Can someone tell me what to do from here?
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    All you would need to do is open any of those files, and choose extract. It will go through and get the rest of them for you. When all is said and done, you should have 1 bin and 1 cue. After that simply open Nero, or your favorite flavor of burning software and choose Burn Image. Then browse to the .cue file. You might have to change the filetype at the bottom of the dialog box to .bin, .cue.

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    heres what happened when I did what you said. I thought it was odd that it half worked, so I half suspect I did something half-wrong.

    when I tried to extract the .bin file from the filename.001 file, it began working, showed an elapsed time counter & a progress bar, and after roughly ten percent I got a dialogue box asking me to browse and open the same file to "continue extracting."

    I did that, and had to repeat the process every ten percent or so, relocating the same file.001 I was extracting from. When it finally got to 100%, I got a slightly different dialouge asking me to relocate the same file, (as opposed to filename.002 like I expected) and the process repeated. it never seemed to figure out that .002 came after .001, and nothing was sucessfully extracted even when it reached 100%

    Any more thoughts? I'd really appriciate some more help at this point. :giddy:
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    Is there one that is labeled BLAHBLAH.rar? Try extracting that one, and it should go through the sequence.
  5. stratocasted

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    lets nevermind that. I have the full bin file. It ended up being 2 files. I gave up trying to recompile them and got the originals instead. Now I still need to know how to burn a disk to make use of them. Is a .bin file an image file? Do I burn it like I would any image file such as an .iso? What if I have no .cue file, does that matter?

    thanks in advance. my question is twofold: what specifically do I do to burn these .bin files into 'usable' disks, & can I treat a .bin file just like any other cd-image file?

    wow, sure figured out how easy it was to make a .cue file in a hurry. the power of Open With -> Notepad. anyway, I burned it succesfully before figuring out I could use a .cue file instead. thanks anyway
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    Uh...glad you got it working...
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