Recomendation on a CPU Heatsink/Fan.

By HIM_Valo
Sep 16, 2005
  1. Can anyone recomend a good aftermarket heatsink/fan option. I have a AMD X2 4200+. My last computer was a 1.8ghz P4 and i bought a thermaltake and it was so loud, was wondering if anyone had any good refrences to silent but effective CPU coolers.

    Thxs! :approve:
  2. chaz d.

    chaz d. TS Rookie Posts: 35

    a few good suggestions...

    well, i just bought the thermaltake cl-p0024....its pretty quiet, but it is HUGE! its about the size of a, if you dont think your mobo can support a 2 lb. chunk of copper, id go with something a little smaller...
    I believe zalman has a copper flower looking heatsink thats supposed to be pretty good...its the CNPS7700...
    whatever you get, make sure that it is all copper, and that it matches the socket configuration on your mother board/processor...
    those are my best suggestions, research them on and see what other people wrote too...

    hope that helps,
    chaz d.
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