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Oct 12, 2005
  1. Hello-
    I want to install an internal card reader for all of these cards people have in their cameras. I have a fujifilm which uses xd. I want to be ready to read media for most any camera someone might have, not just my xd card.

    Can someone recommend a good internal multicard reader?
  2. Row1

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    trying a sabrent 42-in-1

    with no ringing endorsements, i decided to try a sabrent 42-in-1 reader. it is low-priced, and also has good reviews - but all of them say it works great once you perform some mod as outlined on their website. i plan to post my opinion here once i figure out how this works, in case someone searches for this topic in the future.
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    I bought
    ATech pro-9 back when cost bout 40.00 usd
    no fancy and internal cable came wired wrong,but the company even called me back long distance to help me fix it
    all the way from hongkong ,,no less
    been running four 3 years now
    my new multifunction photo printer has same built in.
    only thing to watch out for some firewall softwares and AV apps see the software as virus or trojon
    software is used to setup the drive icons
    my multifunction does not show all the drives
  4. Row1

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    internal plus may be no software

    i think i will avoid firewall issue by having this be internal.

    plus i think it will require no software. i'll have tosee when it arrives though.

    i decided to get internal cuz the mb will handle it, plus i don't want to end up wit a bunch of external things plugged in like i had in my old comp: zip drive, ext cd burner, etc.
  5. Row1

    Row1 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 343   +13

    can't read xD 1gb

    darn - this thing won't read my 1gb olympus xd card.
    it will read the 16mb card that came with my digital camera.
    The computer asks if I want to format the xd card. I don't want to format it since it is working fine in the camera.
    I sent an email to Sabrent - maybe they will have some advice. I also sent an email to olympus to see if they have any idea.
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