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Jul 15, 2008
  1. I have a dell inspiron 6000 with windows XP PRO (NTFS) installed and the computer hangs up during boot up. The hard drive seems to be corrupt. I read some of the sticky threads out here and the best option seems is to try and run the Maxtor Powerblast. However I fear losing some important data in my D and E drives on the harddisk. Is there any way I can boot into DOS copy some important data over to my external hardrive (connected through firewire) and then try this utility up. I tried Recovery console but I get an access is denied on most of the dos commands. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    The absolute safest option is to remove the HardDrive and using a notebook to PC connector (they're usually about $1 on ebay) plug it into a Desktop computer as "Slave" (ie where the CD/DVD usually goes) and backup (using just explorer) from there.
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    There is an even safer option. Without touchig your hardware I Booted my computer with BART PE and copied all my files over to an external hard drive. Easy and simple.
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    That works too...

    But 'safer' is subjective :)
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    Tht's so true :)
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    Thank-you scorpsteals, I was hoping you'd see that
    Yes there's stacks of bootcds I could have mentioned
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  8. scorpsteals

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    Ok after I recovered my data I tried to run a fitness test on my hard drive using the Hitachi tool that comes with Ultimate Boot CD which gave me 2 options to either repair the bad sectors or completely wipe the data out. While trying to wipe the data out it encountered an error and I had to quit the program. By this time my data was lost. I booted with the Windows XP cd and created partitions formatted and installed windows xp without any issues. After a couple of uses the hard drive behaves weirdly like hungs up in between, BSOD ... I tried running chkdsk using the recovery console and it threw me unrecoverable error. So what do you suggest I should do next?
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    Thread Solved :)

    Oh and by the way, get another internal HardDrive
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