Redhat Distributions Questions

It's been a while since I have actually been in Information Tech out in the field, being retired out of it for 7 years, but I was very familiar with Redhat 6.22 and up... I want to take this system I have... (an old Compaq Deskpro 500 mhz) and update it to something a little more up to date, to perhaps Fedora Linux... but I was not able to remember if it is 32 bit capable or not.

What I do now-a-days is take up old surplus machines that are NOT in "Windows Standards" any longer, and clean them up, rebuild and create Linux Workstations, using older Linux DIST because they usually are 32 bit computers from yesteryear. I put up Apache Website Servers -- and small DIST Linux boxes for small websites for home business and even public business... (to keep busy after retiring) It seems that when you don't use your knowledge, you seem to lose it... so I like to stay "Technically Savvy" :)

People who don't know me, and being NEW to your site... My major is actually Inf Tech, but I specialize in vast many flavors of Linux.... (SUSE, REDHAT, Debian mostly) But I also go toward Solaris/Open Solaris and Sun OS (where I actually started). But I am capable of going the other way too... Windows also and HP-UX... Also I am VERY SAVY in Hardware... old and current standards... so I am a CAN-DO person in both realms....

I like this site btw... and you will see many posts to share what I have amassed in knowledge after a long 27 year run in Information Tech and computing. On the side I help run a Teamspeak 3 server and Gaming Community. My interests are now mostly literature, having become a writer, but I still like to keep up on the latest tech stuff...

Hopes to see ya'll around.

MM3 N.A Miller, USN Ret.
Lead Server Admin - TheFlightSimXCo Gaming Community Teamspeak 3 Server. -

(Protected Veteran/Gentleman Writer)